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Plesk is counted among the most user-friendly hosting panels. It also keeps on adding and updating additional features and controls to its ecosystem that makes it a full-fledged digital solution for the beginners as well as advanced users to control the entire lifecycle of their new websites or blogs. In this blog we are presenting the notable key features of Plesk that are specifically developed to help the beginners and nontechnical users:


How is Plesk better than other hosting panels?

Plesk empowers the users to manage the complete life-cycle of their website and streamline their journey- right from creation and launching to maintaining security, automating intricate processes and quickly updating their CMS. It offers purpose-specific extensions to meet fluctuating demands. As your site grows you can opt for the required extension that caters to your specific needs.


Best utility tools with easy access

The Plesk Onyx further extends the capabilities by facilitating easy navigation with the help of neatly organized category pages.

It also allows you to properly organize the server panel for quicker browsing and easy access to frequently needed tools.


What are the key utility features/tools of Plesk?

The main page presents you the entire set of key tools and you also have the option to choose from other extensions. Adding a new extension is easy and hassle-free. Here is the list of key extensions you would find:

  • Digicert SSL
  • Plesk Multi Server
  • Plesk WordPress Toolkit
  • Plesk Premium Email by Kolab


Along with simplifying and streamlining the onboarding experience, Plesk also helps you to better manage your budget by offering a single buying platform where you can choose and pick only those extensions that meet your site’s requirements.


WordPress Toolkit

Thanks to the strong capabilities and easy processes the Wordpress has become the most popular CMS for the beginners. Plesk offers you all the required tools to further enrich your WordPress experience.


How can Plesk help the beginners in creating and managing a WordPress site?

If you purchase Plesk Onyx edition you can also get the benefit of an easy to use WordPress Toolkit extension that includes all the key tools and major platforms- a full-fledged ecosystem to start and grow your WordPress website.

Plesk allows you to manage multiple aspects of your websites that define commercial success like eCommerce capabilities, security, delivery speed and stability

What’s more, the Plesk Onyx users can also create a full-fledged Wordpress website by going to the domain page and initiate this short and straightforward process:

  • Select files and click Databases submenu
  • Click Install apps and then click Install WordPress
  • You are good to go! Create your Wordpress website with awesome features




High Level of Compatibility

Compatibility is another major concern for the beginners. Multi-platform compatibility is another major strength of the Plesk panel. Along with different operating systems, the Plesk is equally compatible with diverse technologies and platforms. Thus the Plesk users would not find it difficult to work with any platform or operating system that they are most comfortable with.


What are the benefits of multi-platform compatibility?

The best thing is that they can adopt any new OS or platform without having to change the hosting panel. For instance, you can start with a cheap Linux OS in the beginning as your business grows into a corporate brand you can switch to more powerful windows hosting without having to change your hosting panel.


Streamlined management with automation and task scheduling

Plesk comes with strong automation features that reduce time, save efforts and eliminate human errors while performing various tasks. Collectively it adds to the productivity and quickens the time to market that helps m quick on-boarding.


What are the major benefits of automation for beginners?

Along with quick GUI based installation steps for Windows, the Plesk also offers you single-command installation process for Linux system as well. So regardless of your preferred OS, you can enjoy a quicker and simpler process that doesn’t compel you to go through any complicated technical process.


Thanks to the latest development they just need some easy pick-drag-drop steps to quickly insert new elements/content without writing copious amounts of codes. It would certainly delight the nontechnical users while also making things quicker for advanced users as well with the help of one-click installations. 

So we can say that instead of just immediate onboarding the Plesk helps you to instantly launch your website with minimal efforts.

Further extending the convenience the Plesk also offers you reliable options for scheduling and automating various server tasks. All you have to do is:

  • Visit settings and resources and click on schedule task that will display a page tools and settings
  • This page contains easy self-explanatory options to scheduled commands



Plesk offers strong features to make things easier for beginners while expending theory capabilities. By wisely using these features the new users can easily setup up, launch and secure their websites. Besides it also offers purpose oriented extensions that a user can opt for extended control over specific aspects of their site. To get the maximum benefit out of these facilities the users should be well aware of all such features and functionalities available in the Lartet versions of Plesk.

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