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The cPanel’s announcement of price revision has disappointed the web hosting industry and the majority of the hosting providers and end-users are opposing the decision. However, the decision has already been taken and now it is the time to know how it would impact you. We have carefully researched the entire scenario and in this blog, we would share the vital information about the old pricing model, revised pricing model, total billing amount and the best options to look for. It would help you make the best decision depending upon your budget, objectives, and profile:


cPanel: Old prices vs. new prices

Previously you needed to pay $ 20 for Virtual Private Server option. For the dedicated server you need to pay $45 and the plan would support the unlimited accounts that offering you the best value for your price.

Post the price revision you would now need to pay $0.20 per account along with the basic license cost. Hence, your overall costing would be greatly affected by the number of total accounts.


If you are a general client then here are the new prices for you

  • 5 accounts: $20 per month
  • 30 accounts: $30 per month
  • 100 accounts $45 per month
  • For 100+ accounts you would have to pay $0.20 for every additional account above 100


If you are a cPanel partner then here are the new prices

  • 5 accounts: $12.50 per month
  • 30 accounts: $17.50 per month
  • 100 accounts $32 per month (the additional accounts would be charged $0.10 per account)



The hosting providers using the best in class server and premium infrastructure can host 500 accounts per server. So let us see how the price hike affects such providers:

  • For the initial 100 accounts, they would be charged $45
  • For the additional 400 accounts, they would have to pay $0.20 per account that would be $80
  • So the total cost would be $125 per server,

Low prices play the major role in shared hosting plans and thus the resent rice hike would significantly affect the overall business of shared hosting providers by compelling them to either cut down their profit margin beyond acceptable limits or risk losing the customers by considerably increasing the prices.


How would the cPanel price hike impact the hosting industry?

cPanel is easy to use and comes with a simple sure friendly interface and tools. Besides its strategic partnership/relations with various backend hosting technology brands like CloudLInux, JetBackup and Softaculous further extend the capabilities of the users they can enjoy all these friendly features without leaving the cPanel ecosystem or switching between different windows. Because of these features, the cPanel is the most popular hosting panel among the users.


  • The price hike would significantly impact the providers offering shared hosting and reseller hosting plans.
  • Also it would inflate the overall hosting budget of individual clients who have purchased cPanel license and are hosting 5 websites or more.


What are the other cheap or low-cost web hosting panels with reliable performance?

It could be wiser to start reviewing other hosting panels and then make a well-informed decision. Here are some of the best options to look for:



Ezepanel is a strategically designed web hosting panel that comes at an affordable price tag and with some powerful features. It is specially built to fill the gaps of the already existing hosting panels in terms of performance, productivity and versatility. It comes with powerful cloud management capabilities that facilitate diverse cloud-related tasks of the users.



  • Cloud databases, high security, and reliable Load balancers
  • Reliable cloud management suite with purpose-built tools
  • Ideal for end-users as well as resellers (with ticket/query management provisions)
  • Supports the hosting of non-English (IDN) domain name
  • SSL/TLS for powerful data encryptions
  • Intuitive migration process
  • 24X7 customer support provided by dedicated and expert staff
  • Web Application Firewall services with advanced features



The intuitive interface of Plesk empowers the users to quickly access all the key features and tools for instant use. Most importantly, if you are a cPanel user then you won’t be disappointed by lack of any standard functions as Plesk has nearly all the functions that are offered by cPanel like strong configuration features for domain settings, simple tool for user management and files management, database creation, managing multiple email accounts.


Besides, the Plesk also assures maximum security against the latest threats by constantly reviewing and fortifying its security ecosystem. Powerful encryption standards also save you against data in transit attack.



  • Intuitive graphical interface for easy management
  • A powerful suite of advanced security tools for a safe hosting environment
  • Diverse automation tools for quick infrastructure management
  • A huge number of extensions to take care of various present and upcoming website needs
  • Reliable and dedicated support by experts



The visual ecosystem of ZPanel has a similar visual appeal as cPanel that further and neatly organized interface further makes it easier for you to work with ZPanel. One thing that would disappoint you is the restricted integration with external applications that lacks support for several applications.



  • Extensive account management capabilities including password management, uptime tracking, usage monitoring
  • Bandwidth management and restriction
  • DNS management
  • Cron management



Webmin is available free but has some limitations that might affect the overall user experience. While you might have a little hard time spotting the required tools or features, in the beginning, the things will get easier as you would get used to it. To be frank the user interface could have been more users friendly.

Free availability makes it easier for you to access the source code of Webmin on Github and modify it to meet your purpose by customizing its control panel and vital processes.



  • A variety of modules to customize the web panel
  • Cloudmin for facilitating virtual system management for VPS providers
  • Runs on both Linux and Unix
  • User accounts setup features


Our recommendation

We have presented the list with the key features of each panel that makes it easier for our readers to select the best option suiting their needs. However, for our readers with limited technical knowledge who might need some suggestion we would recommend to go for Ezepanel as its ecosystem combines the key features of best hosting panels and also has some excellent capabilities like cloud management provisions with advanced capabilities.



As the cPanel has increased its prices, the users are looking for easier, cheaper and more business-friendly hosting panels. In this blog, we have presented a factual report on how it will affect your hosting budget and have also compiled a list of some good hosting panels that could be used as a reliable substitute for the cPanel as they come with strong features and a decent interface. It will help our readers to take the informed decision.

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