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Digital marketing helps in enhancing your brand penetration and can increase sales opportunities over a period of time. As we are approaching towards 2020, it would only be appropriate to do some deep market research, review your digital marketing strategy and revise it accordingly for gaining a competitive edge in the market. Here is a guide that can help you in the purpose. We have presented it in a Q&A format to help you find out the answers to your most vital questions:


How do I increase the reach of my content?

Social media plays a pivotal role in widening the reach of your content. More than 3 billion global users use social media on a daily or frequent basis.

Stats of social media benefits for businesses.




So, if used wisely, social media can be an excellent way to connect your targeted audience with your latest content, turning your content into a dynamic marketing tool.

  • Repurposing your content multiplies the impact without significantly adding to the efforts
  • People engage more with fresh content. Use automated sharing apps for instant sharing
  • Keep an eye on your competitors’ social activity to remain ahead of them

Tools you should be using



What is the most effective way of advertising?

Buying the best ads that connect with the prime target through the most effective platform is important. Timing also matters a lot especially in determining the prompt and positive reaction to your ad. Using AI in advertising can help a long way.

This video delivers more insights


AI can:

  • Facilitate real-time smart bidding to help you economize the ad costs
  • Increase the ROI the ad campaign with positive response.
  • Connects you with prime audience with its forecasting capabilities and real-time data analysis
  • wisely schedules the ad at the right moment when clients are most likely to engage/buy/react
  • Helps you secure the most rewarding opportunity at the best bid.



How can I keep clients engaged and satisfied with limited manpower?

Chatbots is the precise single word answer to your question. AI-powered chatbots come with the twin benefits of mechanical precision and human-like natural language. It enables them to offer quick and precise support to your clients in a most cordial and friendly manner.

There are several ways you can use chatbots on diverse platforms.


The new age AI powered chatbots can

  • Increase digital business potential website with by assisting site visitors
  • sparking an interactive conversation with visitors on Facebook messenger
  • Educate the audience
  • Retain the data/reports for future perusal assuring improved quality
  • Frees up the time of human staff and thus increases their productivity.


What is the latest trend to stay ahead in social media?

As human beings we are always biased to the animated, talking and moving images. No wonder then that video marketing is the latest trend in the digital marketing strategy.

Here are a few supporting figures:

• 70% is the Percentage of people who share videos over social media of consumers

• As many as 72% of businesses agree that video posts significantly improve their conversion rate.

• Watching product videos increase confidence while making decision as per 52% people

And here you can listen how the vide marketing can increase your conversion


Its success can be gauged from the fact that number of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and even more conservative LinkedIn has integrated Live Video provisions

  • It enables the users to upload live videos for diverse purposes like new product launch, deep interviews, company/office tour, and even impromptu message/speech.
  • Results prove that ROI/conversion rates improve when using video messages and live video features
  • With time video marketing can outpace traditional methods like mail marketing or cold calls.


Does voice search relevant for small businesses too?

The impact of voice searches is much more than it is generally perceived, and the IT pros are already investing significant efforts in aligning their SEO strategies with voice search. Along with searching for the specific phrase the voice commands are also used for carrying out the desired tasks thanks to the improved comprehension level of chatbots. 


• As per one report voice search with dominate 50% of the entire search market by the year 2020

• As of now, voice search already accounts for 20% of all Google queries on mobile devices

• The percentage is even higher on Bing- 25%


What is visual search and how can I rank in visual search?

Whether you want to buy the specific sofa you saw at your friend’s house or need the exact dress worn by a TV celebrity, you need to show the picture. That is why Google introduced the image search where you can also use the visual search option for finding a specific image,


So, it would be best to include as many relevant product images to your website as possible and tag them suitable with the right keywords.


How can micro moments help in digital marketing?

Micro moments allow the businesses to recognize the specific purposes for with the audience have switched on their specific devices and by aligning  strategically with their marketing strategy with the intent of the users they can connect in a more effective and timely manner with their targeted audience and can also prompt them to react positively to their ad

  • Micro-moments show that the user has already made up their mind to accomplish a specific task or activity say eating in a nearby restaurant
  • By offering them the precisely related information and an actionable provision to execute their decision, you can expect a positive reaction by the users.
  • Aligning your strategy with micro moments can help you improve the marketing plan


What are influencer marketing and what role it plays in digital marketing strategies?

In influencer marketing you can turn a highly popular internet celebrity as your brand ambassador who posts about your upcoming products, schemes and business profile.

  • They then share the content with their followers that can be in thousands
  • When endorsed by an important net figure your brand gets more visibility and wins the loyalty of the first-time clients.
  • While big businesses are buying the services of celebrity influencers the SME and start-ups are also investing in micro or Nano influencers.


2020 isn’t that far and if you want to dominate the digital marketing world in 2020 you need to immediately start reworking on your digital strategy. How soon you revise it, effectively determines the possibilities of remaining ahead of your closest competitors. In this blog we have discussed some of the vital changes in the digital marketing strategy and how can you revise your present strategy to take the maximum advantage of the emerging trends.

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