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Web hosting services are also known simply as hosting services. However, if we dig deeper into the technicalities we will see that there are different types of hosting services that are offered by service providers to the clients for diverse purposes. Some of these services are generally included in web hosting packages like email hosting while the others have a distinct identity of their own, for example, game servers.

Application Specific Hosting Services

A service provider that allows the client to enjoy an access to a specific software application with the help of standard protocol is called application service provider also known as ASP in short. ASP generally delivers computer-based services to their clients via a network.

Due to their specific subscription-based business model, the costs are effectively reduced and management is looked after by the service provider. Thus the user can enjoy scalable services rationed to meet his specific requirements. Low cost and freedom from maintenance/management hassles are two major benefits of ASPs. Apart from that reputed ASPs also offer full-time support, regular updates and security management for ensuring premium client experience.

Let us know about different hosting types and their uses:

Website Hosting

A website needs specific backend resources in order to be accessible globally via the worldwide web. These backend resources come under web hosting services and the companies that provide these resources to the clients are called web hosts. A web host offers server space, data center space and other essential resources that make your site globally accessible. In addition, web hosts also provide collocation services to the clients where the clients can use the server and other essential hardware on a rental basis.

Common Types of Web Hosting Plan/Services

Shared Hosting

In the shared web hosting plan, multiple websites are hosted on a single server. All these websites share a common pool of resources like RAM, Disk Space, CPU, Bandwidth and other backend resources.

Reseller Hosting

As the name suggests the reseller hosting is suitable for the clients who want to further resell the web hosting packages to the end clients to earn some profit. Basically reseller web hosting is very much like shared web hosting with a few key differences facilitating complete business management for resellers.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting employs numerous servers that work collectively as a single unit. It allows the host to lift the cap off the limits. The requirement for more capacity is easily fulfilled by increasing the cloud’s size by adding extra commodity hardware.


Virtual private servers also employ single server but virtualization technology helps them to act as multiple servers thus augmenting their efficiency. The computing resources are partitioned thus offering better privacy to individual clients and more security as compared to shared web hosting plans.

Dedicated Servers

Unlike shared hosting or VPS server, the dedicated server allows you to rent the server solely for your private use. You enjoy the complete control in the true sense over the server.

Collocation web hosting

If you have a complete team of qualified IT staff and you need exclusive privacy then you can go to collocation web hosting. Here you pay the data center for the rack space while you use your own hardware and software resources for website hosting. In short, apart from rack space, all the infrastructure resources will be owned and controlled by you

Self Server Web Hosting

If you require complete exclusivity then you can opt for self-server web hosting. In plain words, you set up in your in-house private data center where you have to bear the cost and ownership of infrastructure, space resources, management, and maintenance.

DNS Hosting

The network service that facilitates domain name system resolution services is known as DNS hosting. The DNS hosting architects and operates domain name servers along with adequate provisioning of the same. Domain name registrars, web hosts, and ISP use and integrate these domain name servers. The DNS hosting service is offered by a domain name registrants that rations the services to ISPs/Web Hosts. The registrars employ backend servers for provisioning the services. These special servers facilitate general DNS functionalities including translation, forwarding, and lookup of DNS. DNS also looks after the maintenance of configured domain names list and facilitates the processing of domain lookup requests from various servers.

• In plain English, the DNS is an interpreter that facilitates communication between net users and internet when we open any website.

• As we enter the memorable URLs ( into the address bar and hit enter, the DNS convert them into computer friendly numerical IP addresses so that PC can understand and follow the instructions and render the desired website.

Email Hosting

When you buy a domain name, you would most possibly like to use an email in your business domain ( The services responsible for running email servers are known as email hosting.

The reputed web hosting companies offer you email hosting services as well.

• Apart from hosting your email the companies also offer you additional features like, auto responders, unlimited aliases. Mail rules, storage, whitelists and blacklists, archiving backups, calendar management options and more

• The mail hosting streamlines the functioning of a mail server by offering the required resources for sending/receiving the mail and carrying out other activities associated with email management.

Game Server

A game server is an especially architected/provisioned server used for operating multiplayer online games. The multiplayer online games require a robust and powerful server that can offer best resource rationing for seamless speed without affecting the performance. So the game clients utilize a game server for that purpose.

Game servers are available in 2 different categories: the Centralized model where the players don’t need to install any client tools on their computer/laptop. The players can go online and immediately start playing

In the distributed model, the players must install specific tools on their respective machines in order to start playing the online games. They cannot play without installing these tools.


Salient features of Game Servers

High-Quality GPU: In order to retain the rich frame quality, life-like features during movements and enrich similar game-specific graphics the game servers are equipped with powerful graphics card

Extra Powerful CPU: Due to constant movements and complex graphical attributes the games require high and instant resources. The common CPUs with average processing power fail to meet this requirement. Thus gaming server is especially loaded with extremely powerful CPU to promise high-quality gaming performance without any interruptions.

Bandwidth: The frequent uploading/downloading of high-quality images needs a very high amount of bandwidth with instant availability. Thus gaming servers are especially provisioned with a significant volume of bandwidth.

Security: The huge traffic, constant movements and frequent data transfer make it easier for the hackers to intrude into the security of game servers for stealing credit. That is why gaming server requires an extra thicker later of security as compared to the regular dedicated server?

Wiki Farms

The server (or array of servers) that allows users to easily create/develop their independent wikis with the help of specific tools are called wiki farm or wiki hosting. With the help of wiki farms the sure no longer needs to manage the server all by himself or install different software. Instead, the core wiki code is installed by farm’s admin on their private servers that are centrally maintained. Alter code installation a specific server space is allocated to the user for the content of the separate wiki. The shared core code executed the functions associated with different wikis.

• Wiki Farms can be used for both commercial and non-commercial objectives. Advertisement and monthly fee are the main source of revenue for commercial wikis.

• Some of the major wikis are Wetpaint, PBworks, Wikia, Wikidot, and Wikispaces

File Hosting Services

The internet hosting service that is especially architected for hosting the user files is called file. Hosting service. The user data (single/multiple users) is exclusively stored on the backend and is used for internet and related services. When the user wants to retrieve the data he can gain access to the data or retrieve the same via FTP or HTTP

File hosting service can be used to store various files including audio, data files, software’s, eBooks, or media files like images, and videos. The client needs to pay monthly or annual fees to the storage providers for using file hosting service

One-click file hosting: It is a free service that facilitates uploading/downloading of data from the local hard drives using single click step/ The web-based applications are used as a medium to offer these service and one an accessed homepage using one URL

Personal file storage: This hosting service is specialty architected for storing personal/ digital files and is identical to network storage. The files are secured with the help of password. Files can be accessible via HTTP or FTP Clients can either upload or share the files exclusively with authorized users.

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