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What is SaaS and its Benefits for your Business?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has been around for a while, but many people are still searching for answers to questions about the technology.

What is it, exactly? What�s all the hype about? Is it right for my business?

This article addresses these questions and helps you make sense of this increasingly popular way of using the software in the workplace.

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How much hosting disk space and bandwidth do you need?

Any hosting customer is allocated a specific amount of hard disk space on the server they are buying. This allotment is for those components which include your website: html files, pictures, flash files, databases, etc. Email accounts, raw access logs, and any installed programs or scripts are also added to the total.

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Linux Vs Windows Hosting – What’s The Difference?

The initial step in making an effective, compelling company website is to choose a web host.

While most Internet service providers (ISPs) offer enough space for a personal blog or web page, incorporating high-quality multimedia or an e-commerce store requires much more storage, along with dedicated support.

But picking the right web host provider isn’t the only main decision companies need to make — they also need to choose between the “Big Two” web platforms: Windows and Linux.

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What Is a SSL Certificate, and Why You Need One?

Browsing the Internet can be daunting when private data is involved. Data like passwords, credit card numbers, and the like.

A lot can be done with this data once it’s known, which is what brings hackers to online stores, banking sites and social networks.

But there are precautions put into place to defend the user from having their data stolen. One such method of protection is an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate.

If you have an E-commerce website the answer is YES – you require an SSL certificate!

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The role of Domain Name and Web Host in SEO

When commencing an online store or e-commerce company, online display is one of your top preferences. You desire to have great rankings, massive traffic, and actual conversion.

It may appear that a site’s domain name and the hosting service you use do not play a vital role, but they can significantly affect your SEO – so more time needs to be devoted to picking the best available choices. Let’s explore these options.

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Compare Web Hosting Control Panel cPanel Vs Plesk

Either you are large company leasing dedicated servers, a medium one, starting a Web hosting service or a small shop just choosing a shared hosting venue, the Web server’s control panel is the way to your online business.

And with the numerous of control panel options there, well known with the pros and cons of the panel, can lead to right decisions, lesser burden, and better performance.

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Microsoft Office 365 VS Google Apps : Who is the Winner?

You want productivity tools. Running your company needs emailing, editing reports, analyzing sales data in spreadsheets, making decks and flyers for marketing, making company information in databases and more!

You just can’t get forward without them!

It’s right that free of cost tools are accessible, but they have their cons. Free solutions are unusually complete, which may put your business at danger.


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