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In the era of biological weapons and genetic changes, the COVID-19 CoronaVirus has brought dark age times with it against humanity. It doesn’t matter where it started, but its end is unknown.

Human civilization’s every modern facility is disturbed and is under sanitization mode!

The increased cases in India have disturbed the business sector in almost every city and state. Above it, the 21 days of lockdown and self-quarantine due to Coronavirus pandemic has sent many workers, laborers, contractors back to their home.

Next is the IT sector of India, entertainment business industry, Indian eCommerce industry, online automobile industry, Big corporates, MNCs, enterprises, small scale businesses, etc. which are now shutting down themselves, their offices, businesses for the next 21 days or maybe more!

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has forced many employees to work from home.

And why not?

If Apple, Facebook, etc. such big tech giants have closed their offices for indefinite days, then how could Indian businesses take chance and put the lives of their daily employees into risk!

Thus, in a crisis of Coronavirus, one thing is clear that limit your lives to your home, prevent the spread of the virus, and protect the employees.

But, what about businesses?

The business adds to the nation’s economy! If the business processes aren’t performed in these pandemic times, then India can lose its position from the “fastest-growing economy” to again a backward nation.

That’s why it is important enough to create new ways of working for the company, business. I am talking about implementing ‘WORK FROM HOME MODEL’.

According to the study report from Harvard University, “People working from home were 4.4% more productive than on the workplace.”

So, why not give it a try?

We know, at first, the office to home shift work adjustment can be jarring, might be disruptive too, but navigating the work/life balance in the same place at home in quarantine mode can be fun, full of joy, happiness, and easy to work.

We have mobile devices, all kinds of business applications, web server facilities, internet service, etc. The only thing you are missing is a method to transfer your all office workplace data to the home workplace.

As the COVID-19 is raging on, Everdata Technologies has made a business software solution CLOUD PC with which you can transfer all your data from your office PC to your home PC.

As a result, your data is safe, secure, accessible by only you, furthermore easing the working process effectively and productively.

Cloud PC- An Unsung Hero In Coronavirus Crisis!

The growing coronavirus crisis is a test to our all abilities, technologies, and business applications. If we on the business forefronts are able to clear the test, while keeping office closure, social distancing, and work from home in action;

Our business culture, jobs, economic responsibilities will at least can stand a chance against the virus lurking in shadows.

Therefore, it can be only possible via a business public cloud and advanced technologies.

Like other challenges to business growth, Coronavirus is also a big challenge for every company. May be all companies and businesses aren’t ready, but to meet this spectacular and unplanned business demands, CLOUD PC is your only one-stop working solution!

“It is true that Coronavirus is now forcing us into the world’s largest work-from-home experiment. However, the biggest difficulty is for the employees to implement! To make sure that the COVID-19 doesn’t impact the business processes, we think CLOUD PC as the best solution to meet all customer/client demands.”, said Director of Everdata Technologies, Mr. Naveen Sharma.

Let's see how the Cloud PC can be your only way of work from home contingency plans against the COVID-19 outbreak.

Features Of Cloud PC

Everdata Technologies "Cloud PC" allows the companies to give the same work environment to their employees while working at home. Also, it is able to provide peace of mind to business owners as they see their businesses progressing in difficult times.

In this business continuity solution, every staff member or say the employee, get a package of work from home Cloud PC. Everdata Cloud PC is extremely safe, secure, and reliable such that you can easily transfer the data from office PC to home PC.

With such an ability, the employee can spend more time on technologies, better products, software, hardware, etc. to create happy, satisfied customers being quarantined at home with office work.

  • VPN / Firewall - to Secure Connection from Employee’s home to Cloud Desktop
  • RDP – Dedicated Resources, no sharing - secured cloud server with a LOT of RAM and Fast SSD storage Disks
  • and Fast SSD storage Disks
  • Windows Operating System.
  • Instant activation and delivery (max 5 minutes)
  • 24x7 Customer Support

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) of the Everdata Cloud PC easily secures the connection from Employee’s Home to Cloud Desktop, let the employee access dedicated resources, secured cloud server, fast SSD storage disks, and a lot of RAM.

We highly suggest Cloud VPS to those who are comfortable in working with Windows OS.

Benefits Of Cloud PC

  • High level of security and configurability
  • Use of up to 256-bit encryption
  • Support for dynamic IP addresses and DHCP
  • Portability to most major OS platforms through third-cloud party software
  • Scalability to hundreds or thousands of users
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Instant Activation
  • Communicate openly and often

For Everdata technologies selling CLOUD PC is like mounting work from the home campaign under the rules and regulations of Government of India for the business continuity against this massive, sudden shift towards a remote-first workforce.

As the cloud technologies, cloud-based business productivity tools, and the latest business applications are now more prevalent, this sudden large-scale shift has brought additional new business opportunities for improvement.

Such an office to work from home solution was never available throughout the decade but with CLOUD PC, it is now! Utilize it, improve your work process, and keep business continuity a priority.

Tomorrow’s Future In Everdata's Cloud PC

Today we have a great opportunity with the work from the home facility and to prepare us for the future with CLOUD PC. Technology and automation have surely increased the preferences of the younger generation and its time to put in action.

“By 2030, the work from home demand will increase by 30% and 55% of today’s young workforce is ready to work anywhere, from anywhere.”

Work from home is attractive, flexible, and must be done in the crisis of CoronaVirus!

Remote work is already attractive to employees who need greater flexibility!



“Prepare yourself, Buy CLOUD PC, Live self-quarantine life, Work from home, Earn from home.”

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