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How To Reclaim Your Original SEO Ranking After Changing Your Domain Name?

Due to diverse reasons, you may need to change your existing domain name. The reasons could be the merger with another business, enhancing the scope of business or any other factor that requires you to buy a new domain name that matches the present new status of your business. You know that transferring a domain name inevitably affects SEO rankings. However, you should have a well-planned strategy to regain your original SEO rankings within a reasonable period of time. Here are a few strategies that can help you with the same:


Link Building

Link building, as stated earlier is the most significant ways of earning positive SEO marks. So, you need to plan a significant link building efforts immediately after launching. You need to proactively look for the guest blogging opportunities on the high DA sites and blogs. You can also hire expert freelance writers and bloggers for quicker and better results.


Use of Infographics to engage the audience

Due to its appealing characteristics, the infographic has become one of the most rewarding content formats on the internet. So you can also realize a tangible benefit by creating an infographic campaign. It will significantly help you in building good links. Once you build the infographic campaign you also need a solid content marketing plan to reap the optimal benefits out of the same. Make sure that the unlike text content, Infographic requires more efforts, planning and time. You need to search for the trending industry topics that are loved by the majority. Along with accomplished writers you would also require good designers who can deliver high-quality graphics that can instantly attract the audience and keep them engaged. Avoid being too descriptive and emphasize more on visual content for telling the story.


Ideal Content Strategy

Quality, quantity and proper push should be the three key factors of your content strategy for the new site. Hire some good writers who can produce quality content. Distribute the topics wisely according to expertise and relevance. Most importantly finalize the writer very carefully to get the top quality output and don’t overburden any of them. You would also need expert digital marketing professional to push the content in the right direction for maximum impact. The major objective is to drive quality traffic, get your content shared on social sites and above all getting the valuable links.


PPC Strategy

While the dip in organic traffic cannot be overruled completely you can make use of another pillar to support your current ranking- PPC. Hire a good PPC expert to create an effective PPC campaign targeting specific keywords. It will help in enhancing your search traffic and thus increasing your viewership. For the best impact, you can use the right blend of the old keywords where you were ranking high before changing the domain name, and the new keywords as per the latest suggestions of the SEO professionals.


Attract the Public

Taking the help of some organic publicity stints to draw the public interest is not a bad idea. You can make your new domain launching a big thing by creating an event around it. Commemorate the occasion of new domain launching and invite the net users to attend it. That seems quite compelling – inviting the public to the event that celebrates your new domain launching. For the best benefits, you can either plan it as a webinar or a combination of a webinar + physical event. In that case, don’t forget to utilize the benefits of YouTube and other video channels by posting the videos over there and spreading them in the relevant target groups.



Use an existing website to create awareness

You may also create a separate page on your website dedicated to the new domain launch. Keep the page content as unique and crispy as possible. Offer a pleasant medley of short infographics, bite-size blogs and other content bits related to your new domain. Of course, you also need to go for the ultimate crowd puller- Discount offers and other special giveaways on the occasion of new domain launch. You don’t have to work in the vague though. For example, encourage the audience to like the Facebook page of your new domain in order to enjoy discounts. To ensure the best impact of such efforts you need to be clear and define specific conditions for the users to be eligible for the discount (liking a page/sharing a post/inviting friends, etc.).

Use newsletters to inform your audience

Changing the domain name may also make your audience and existing clients sceptical about your business viability. So, you need to reconnect with your existing audience/clients and inform them about the new domain. Also ensure them to expect the same high standards of quality and assistance associated with your old domain/website. Newsletter campaigns can play a vital role here. Encourage the audience to sign up for the newsletter campaign associated with the new domain, in order to enjoy the discounts and other special offers. It will help you in the mass promotion of your new domain by sending the email newsletters to the registered audience.

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