Disaster recovery prepares for the recovery and continuation of technology infrastructure after a natural or manmade disaster. For an enterprise, a disaster means abrupt disruption of all or part of business operations, which may directly result in revenue loss. To minimize disaster losses, it is very important to have a good disaster recovery plan for every business subsystem and operation within your enterprise.

At our DR-site our systems keep both the data and system replicated off-site, which enables continuous access to your systems and data in case of disaster.

Common Strategies for Data Protection & Disaster Recovery Process

  • Scheduled Backups on tape are sent to an off-site location called a backup site (DR-site) at regular intervals.
  • On-site disk to disk backups that are copied to an off-site disk by an automated process.
  • Automated Data Replication to an off-site location, this overcomes the need to restore the data. In this process a storage area network (SAN) is most commonly used.
  • High availability systems keeps both the data and system replicated off-site and allows continuous access to systems and data on multiple locations.

3 Types of Common Backup-Disaster Recovery Sites

  • Hot Site - A fully equipped location that can be used to resume operations after a disaster, if the current facility is unusable. Also, has an optional high availability system for your business continuity and automatic failover.
  • Cold Site - An inexpensive type of backup site that holds scheduled backup data but cannot be used to resume business operations from same location and simply holds the data for restoring on main location only.
  • Warm Site - A backup site that holds backup data that can be used to resume some, but not all operations.

In order to avoid loss of technology infrastructure and revenue it is imperative to prepare and implement business continuity planning (BCP), as it identifies how to stay in business in the event of disaster. If you do not possess the technical skills to prepare for such planning, we have a dedicated team of experts ready to guide you through the process.

Disaster recovery Solutions 

  • For SAP/ERP and CRM Software
  • For Enterprises
  • For Banks

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