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While online businesses offer wide opportunities for global marketers, the high number of players also means that the going gets much tougher and you need to work harder. The things are especially difficult for the small businesses and self-funded start-ups. They have to invest in the marketing efforts while at the same time maintaining the competitive edge of their e-commerce site and including better, user-friendly features. Lack of required resources can put a limit to their ambitions. However, with some wise efforts and better customer services, the start-ups and small business can turn their online business into a success. Here are a few important tips to follow:

Face the competition wisely

Due to the well-established brands in the online business, you may find it difficult to face the competition. The huge companies have the benefit of the brand, bandwidth, and resources. As a small business, you have limited tools for fighting. However, by using those tools wisely you can minimize the effects of competitions. To be more precise, you need to look for your strengths and try to be better at what you are capable of doing. The major focus should be on improving your own performance delivery instead of fighting direct competition with the established brands.

Try to connect with the clients with the help direct interaction. Customers can easily connect with the businesses that offer them the one on one communication. There are other benefits associated with one on one communicating that can definitely help you to achieve milestone success during a reasonable period of time:

You are able to offer the quick, precise response to the customer queries that marks you as a competent company.

One on one communication also promotes the human connection and thus instills trust in the customers.

You are able to exercise your marketing skills and positively influence the client’s decision.

You can also use the chat transcripts to review the staff performance, take necessary actions and develop an ongoing relationship with the clients.

Set up a knowledgebase

The life is fast and people actually don’t have the time to devote while following the long process of registering a complaint and waiting for the solution. They want to be self-dependent and solve the issues on their own. So, you can set up the detailed knowledge base on your website. Customers like being empowered. They like if the business tells them how to resolve a certain issue on their own. Besides, setting up the knowledge base can help you a great way in your SEO endeavors.

Due to the very nature of the knowledge base content, you can use a number of keywords in your knowledgebase without sounding unnatural or attracting the ire of search engines.

Knowledgebase allows your clients to resolve a number of issues without any external help. Thus your staff can utilize their time and efforts in other more productive tasks resulting in core business benefits.

Offer them Voice support

One of the best ways to make the connection with the clients is to offer them the live, voice support rather than relying exclusively on the chat. The spoken words tend to leave a better impact on the clients and are more “human” as compared to their written counterparts. Besides, the voice support can also go a long way in breaking the barriers of formality associated with the chat support.

You need to think about the psychology of the consumers while evaluating the benefits of vice support, a sweet voice has a subtle inviting connotation that may urge the undecided caller to buy a product. Likewise, a balanced, seasoned tone can calm down the angry customer and smoothens the conversation.

One major thing to keep in the mind is, to be honest while informing visitors about your voice support. Don’t overpromise. 24 house voice support available. It seems great on the site but can put off the clients when they try to call at 1.30 AM in the night with an issue only to hear the incessant, unattended rings.

FAQ Section

FAQs are actually not very different than knowledgebase in the soul but the external body or the format differs. Various issues are presented in the form of questions and that leaves a better impact on the client. For example, instead of searching a section for finding the solution to a precise aspect of a specific issue, the clients can directly land at the corresponding question and hit the answer instantly.

Presenting the solutions in the form of whats, whys and hows makes the things look more streamlined and organized.

Presenting the content in the form of FAQ also makes you a strong contender for Google Snippets that allows you a premium display on the search results page. Google snippets have an authoritative appeal and thus help you to gain the trust of the netizens.

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