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Content plays a vital role in deciding the reputation of your website over the internet. It can help you to acquire a sizable number of audiences, leaving the desired impact and influencing their decision in a better way. A streamlined process of regular posting can eventually help you to enhance the conversion rate. While the quality of content plays an important role, the RoI is the most important thing to consider especially when it is used to get commercial benefits. One of the latest trends is “gated content” that is successfully employed by the businesses to gain the key contact details of their audience. It allows the businesses to know their audience well and send them email newsletters and offer.

What is Gated content?

Simply put, any online material that requires users to fill out a form as a prerequisite to gain access is called gated content. Ideally, such content is deep, informative and practically useful for the audience. Some examples of gated content include videos, white papers, case studies, PDF documents and research papers.

Helps in marketing efforts

One of the greatest benefits of gated content is that it allows you to get the key data that can streamline your marketing efforts. It is always better to contact the people who have provided you the contact details instead of working on the collected or purchased database. Someone sharing contact details with you implies that they are possibly interested in your product to want to know more about your services. Contacting such targeted groups enhance the chances of a positive response, narrows down your efforts and also increases the RoI.

Deep, insightful content

Deep insightful content plays a great role in attracting the audience and it is especially important to ensure that any gated content that you offer must be useful, engaging and highly informative. Take your time before you write the gated content. It is about simply rephrasing the information that you gleaned from the internet. You actually need to understand the information and be able to look at it from different perspectives. It is recommendable to identify your own area of expertise relevant to your industry, research it deeply online and offline and then start with the first draft of the gated content.

Try to adopt a 360-degree appeal and discuss on a number of different aspects of your content.

Don’t forget to support your content with comments, facts, statistics and excerpts from authoritative figures. It adds a definite authority to your content and enhances the credibility.

Most importantly, try to decide the relevance of the content in respect to your targeted audiences. You should be able to offer them some tangible practical help in terms of advice, references, and step by step guide.

Maintain the character of the content

While a wholesome, insightful content is a great asset for the gated content, you need to keep in mind that such content comes with its own challenges. The first and foremost challenge is to maintain the uniform flow of writing style.

You need to save the freshness of your content. So, don’t dwell on the same aspect for long. Try to incorporate different writing elements like statistics, facts, and historical references. It adds the required variation to the entire data set. Identify the gaps between writing style and the best ways to bridge them.

Wherever possible use real-life examples especially of the brands or phenomena that people can easily relate to. Also, try to use a singular example to support a large portion of your content instead of creating a chaos of different examples.

Popularize bulky PDF files with single page posts

PDF is the most preferred format for presenting the gated content as the PDF files are not only easy on eyes but also suggest a wholesome content. However, you can actually blend the expansive format of PDF with some more inviting, light formats to take the advantage of both worlds.

You can actually craft the blog post that attracts the attention of the audience to the pertinent questions and challenges that are being answered in the PDF.

You can also use the social media to post miniblogs about you PDF.

Stop “Avoiding” Keywords

Though keywords have attracted lots of negative publicity in the recent years, we simply cannot think of a rewarding digital content without using the keywords. Actually, it is not the keywords that should be avoided like plague. It is the unnecessary stuffing of keywords that can have a negative impact on the SEO results.

A well-drafted content with right use of keywords can actually help the search engines to display your URLs to the interested users.

One of the best benefits of gated content is that due to its insights and expansive format it allows you to entail a number of keywords without compromise on the content quality.