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Treating your connections merely like prospects will sooner rather than later, alienate them and you will have to start all over again. You would also need to admit that every single person of your newly joined community needs attention and respect if you really want to nurture the community. That’s why inflating number would not be recommended. Build value instead. Many times the people you include in your community may not directly buy your services but they can acquaint you with the people who can become your clients. Thus you can get the recurring benefits. The life is fast and time does not come cheap. So, frequent offline meetings of even calls are should not be the preferred way to connect.

Try to exchange social media profiles, WhatsApp number and your other online platforms that can be a seed for connecting. Facebook groups are the best ways to build online communities and offering a digital platform for your offline contacts. The content matters a lot here. Use the informative, well-presented content that engages the clients and entertains them. Make the content as interactive as possible. Closing your content with an open-ended question helps to bring in interesting comments.

Stay Organized

Being an affiliate marketer and remaining organized is a bit difficult as many affiliate marketer sell multiple brands and products online. For example if it might occult be difficult for you to sell just the hosting products and survive on that. SO you might be selling the SEO services of another company and at the same time you might also be an affiliate of some web designing company. It is not bad but being unorganized is! You can’t just say that because you are working with multiple clients you cannot be organized. Instead you can devise the ways to stay organized no matter what.

Use Spreadsheet

Being an affiliate of digital products it is possibly best for you to stay organized via spreadsheet and other online tools. All you have to do is to just make a spreadsheet with multiple sheets, each assigned to a specific company. You can keep track of your relevant data with that particular company like sales, targets, income, revenue commission and client database. Appropriate use of auto filters, charts and pivot tables always help but do not go for a complex structure. Embracing simplicity is the bets policy, for multi-aspect research you can go for the pivot tables.

You are your own boss- Work like a BOSS!

Last but not least being an affiliate is not about being a laidback salesperson of some XYZ remote company where “you are your own Boss!” You are- Yes! But then you have to adopt the mentality of Bosses- the CEOs. If you will look at the great CEOs like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ratan Tata and Larry Page all have one thing in common. They like to learn and widen their scope of knowledge until or unless you start learning, researching and experimenting will not be able e to make a good impact on your potential clients. The studies suggest the clients are more likely to be impressed by the affiliate marketers who possess deep, accurate and most current knowledge. In fact many companies offer value added training sessions for their affiliates and reputed companies ignite some of the best brains of the field.

Such events are highly publicised over the net or in the digital media but it is always better to request your company that any such education programs should be communicated to you through malls. This way you will never miss the news of nay educational program by the company. Attending such programs always helps. It will offer you the value added skills current knowledge and you may even connect with some influential personalities of the field hat is ways a plus point.

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