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One of the oldest and yet effective ways to build lasting business relationships online is outreaching. You can expect a number of benefits by wisely using outreaching methods. One such method is publishing your guest post on platforms with high traffic and impressive DA. Though the new year 2018 will see some anticipated changes different SEO aspects, the relevance of guest positing is not likely to lessen. You can still expect good benefits out of guest posting. Unfortunately, only very few business are able to reap benefits out of their outreaching efforts despite incurring many efforts. So, what could be the reason? It is the approach. A large number of guest post proposals are not even read fully before being deleted. While you may be incurring many efforts the quality is equally impotent. Outreaching is a process that requires research, time and ideal presentation to make the desired impact on the recipients. Let us know how to design the entire process to gain the best benefits out of outreaching exercise:

Create your personality

Before you start attempting for outreaching, you need to create your online personality. Very few influential contacts are going to reply back if you don’t have a good online presence in your niche. It allows the recipients to evaluate your knowledge and experience before taking any decision:

Create your social accounts on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter with an accurately professional description and if possible a portfolio of successful projects.

Apart from that you also need to create a blogger account on reputed platforms like Blogger/Word Press and regularly publish valuable posts related your niche.

Post relevant content on a regular basis on different platforms. These things go a long way in establishing your reputation and can eventually attract a positive response. This will help you in building the foundation.

Watch your competitors

If you want to get more specific results that suit your profile and level then you can check the guest posts of your close competitors. It will not only help you to narrow down your efforts but will also provide you with the targets that are likely to be attracted to your services as they fit well into the profile of your targeted clients.

Once you put a relevant search enquiry in Google, add a more specific “filter” to your search. Sift through the search results page to locate only those URLs that contain a guest post by you competitor with back links.

Right-click on each such URL and open it in a new tab. Once done you can then go to the relevant tabs to carry a detailed research on the same.

Check the language quality, flow, writing style, word length, format and other vital details of the entire post and note down the specifications in an excel file. It will give you an idea of the guest post styles that are considered by a specific website.

Conducting a Google search will also show you the various guest posts by your competitors. You have to concentrate on the ones that are displayed on the first page.

Get the relevant email ids

The easiest way to get the contact person’s email is to check their profile over the professional social media groups like LinkedIn. You can open their LinkedIn profiles and navigate to their experience tab. Generally, this tab contains the direct email addresses of related professionals. However, a good number of users might not like to show their personal email addresses in order to maintain their privacy.

Besides, you can also use specific tools to check the email addresses.

ContactOut helps you to search the email addresses of LinkedIn profiles instantly with a single click of the mouse. You can also use Volanorbert and Find that email fir the same purpose.

In order to check the validity and accuracy of the email, you can use Rapportive extension,

Writing the mail

Many times people use the words like Sir/Madam or even “team or department” this is the most erroneous practice. The first aim should be to make a connection with the recipient and the best way to do that is to use the first name of the recipient instead of using formal titles or terms like Sir, Madam or an entire team that look all the more unprofessional,

Email Structure

Subject Line

While creative subject lines do look attractive, overdoing things can spoil the game. Avoid using too much of creativity or creating awesome subject lines. Save them for future when you will lean ins and outs of outreach post. For starting you can use the simple, plain subject line that should convey the message quickly.


Your introduction plays a vital role and most of the recipients will read this part intently to decide whether or not they would like to proceed with rest of the matter. Be realistic and humble when you start your introduction and show that you are already acquainted with the profile of the recipient. It is a general human tendency to prefer those who know them. Thirdly bridge a connection between his profile and that of your own to bring them on common grounds.

Main matter

Specify the topic on which you wish to present a guest post. Ensure that recipient should get a clear impression that your guest post can add a real value to their platform. You can check the current topics trending online to decide the best topic. Try to show that you are genuinely interested in offering your guest post on their platform as that could be mutually beneficial for both of you