Mail Boxes

  • 1 Mail Box
  • 5 Mail Boxes
  • 10 Mail Boxes
  • 25 Mail Boxes
  • 50 Mail Boxes
  • 100 Mail Boxes
  • 250 Mail Boxes
  • 500 Mail Boxes

Price (per mail box)

  • Rs. 699/Year
  • Rs. 630/Year
  • Rs. 615/Year
  • Rs. 595/Year
  • Rs. 560/Year
  • Rs. 525/Year
  • Rs. 490/Year
  • Rs. 455/Year


In-Box Delivery TM is a leading email solution that assures you that your outgoing email will go to inbox of a recipient and it will not go to spam or junk folder. This product comes with the following features –

  • Guaranteed delivery of your outgoing messages into recipient's Inbox.
  • Protection of your mail box from unwanted spam mail.
  • Protection of mail box from viruses and malwares.
  • Geo-Redundant service to receive mails immediately throughout the world.
  • Always available multiple email servers that mean your incoming mails will never retrun back.
  • Routine automated backup of all mailboxes.
  • Other features including but not limited to – Calendar, Alerts, Events, Schedulers & Address book.
  • 5GB of storage space for each mail box.
  • Corp Branding (look and feel) of web interface and your own company domain name.
  • Monitor all incoming and outgoing mails of your employees without their knowledge.