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Colocation Services

Server colocation is a service which allows you to store your company's applications, web and mail servers at another location rather than keeping them at your own place of business.This will allow you to manage your business performance rather than managing equipment. At EverData, we provide your server with high-speed redundant support and give you complete control and access over your co-located server.

Everdata offers Server Colocation Services with world class data center facilities, highly secure environment, redundant network & power connectivity, priority technical support, and security/network operations center.

Benefits of Server Colocation Services

  • Best value for your money with superior colocation mechanism that includes data center, bandwidth, IP address, redundant power supply, and top rated infrastructure support.
  • Sufficient bandwidth for instant access to the internet which makes it possible for your business to be able to handle the online traffic that comes to your website.
  • Big data is more easily managed because data has the ability to be in more than one place at one time. 
  • Save time by being able to easily reboot or reinstall your server yourself if it is needed.
  • Superior uptime and maintenance of your system allows you to monitor the connection and make it steady from the main system
  • We ensure the completion of work with the help of all the required tools and equipment.
  • Secure and excellent network access is ensured by the temperature regulator; which prevents the servers from overheating. 
  • Receive access to numerous monitoring tools, with our Server Colocation Service, that will help you manage your website.

At Everdata we offer plenty of flexibility in colocation services.

Whatever your requirement, small or large, we have a suitable option for your business. We offer private rooms, full racks and shared racks.



For businesses that need the hosting space and security that comes with a full server rack Colocation plan, Jaipur Data Center offers an affordable way. A full server rack is very much the same as renting rack units but instead of one or two single servers, either a half rack or a complete rack is available for lease.

A full rack Colocation plan is the ideal choice for e-businesses or online retailers that have many servers in need of dedicated connections, high bandwidth, and a secure hosting facility. Those that have servers that need to be hosted in a secure environment can benefit from Jaipur Data Center’s experience in providing quality hosting services to many brand name companies.


Full Rack 42 U Rack

Attributes Value
Quality Racks 7 Feet Long/ 42U
Location Available Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Bengaluru, USA, Nederland, Germany, Singapore, Japan
Power 3 KVA
Port Speed 100MBPS Dedicated, upgradable upto 10GBPS
Battery Backup 2 Hrs
Generator Backup 21 Days
Live Chat and Phone Support 24x7
Server Monitoring 24x7
Remote Hands Basic Free
Monthly Price Best In Industry
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Shared rack colocation is tailored specifically to meet the needs of growing businesses seeking a highly stable environment for mission critical infrastructure with an affordable price tag. Shared rack space is available in quantities between 1U to 10U. This solution is ideal for organizations that only require less than a half or full rack of space.

Attributes Basic Value Advanced Super Pack
Product Code 1 U Colo 5 U Colo 10 U Colo Full Rack

Data Center Location

Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Bengaluru, USA, Nederland, Germany, Singapore, Japan
No. of Rack Servers Allowed 1 2 5 Full Rack

Monthly Traffic

50 GB 300 GB 1100 GB 2500 GB
No of IP's 1 2 2 5
High Performance Switched
Port Speed 100MBPS Dedicated, upgradable upto 10GBPS
Uptime Guarantee 99.95% 99.95% 99.95% 99.95%
Setup One Time Per U Server
Monthly Cost Best In Industry
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Kindly Note :
1. 1U Server Set Up Charges Rs.2500/- One time
2.  Quarterly / Semi Annually & Annually Payment Terms
3.  Bandwidth will be provided by Leading ISP Only.
4.  Tax Extra

With our shared racks, your equipment is placed in a rack that is shared with other clients who also only require a small amount of space. Our clients still have full access to their machines, however, this access is support-staff accompanied to ensure the security of other clients’ equipment in the rack. Customers may access their equipment in shared rack space 24/7 for no additional fee. However, in order to enter or leave the data center, shared rack space clients must be accompanied by a technician at all times. The rack remains locked at all times when customers are not on site working on servers and Tier IV holds the key. One power outlet is provided for each 1U of rack space purchased.

This service includes rack space, a free amount power, network and remote assistance. Additional power may be purchased if your growing business requires it.