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CDN is referred to as Content Delivery Networks, which is a system of servers to deliver web content and web pages according to the internet users Geographic location.


A CDN is widely considered as a series of several distributed servers which are mainly focused on delivering web related stuff. Internet experts believe Content Delivery Network as the best and most effective way to provide content and data worldwide.


Thus, if the CDN server is near to the location of the website user, then the contents and information are fastly supplied to the user.


On the other side, if the CDN server is far from your location, then the content and data take more time to display on the screen of the website user.


CDN also called as Content Distribution Network geographically distributes a network of proxy servers and their data centers to provide high performance and high availability equally to the end-users.


CDN spans different type of content delivery services like video streaming, content acceleration, software downloading, load balancing, multi-CDN switching, transparent caching, and many more.

CDN Working And Advantages

Companies having a daily basis huge traffic on their sites positively use CDN to their advantages. Let me explain how CDN helps;


When several users simultaneously access the same web page related to some specific content; let’s say video content on Artificial Intelligence’s first breakthrough. Now, the CDN permits the content, sent it to every user without delay.


That’s why thousands of people are able to see one video at a time, read one article at a time without any difference. Here are a few benefits of CDN to your website:

  • Load on your web server decreases
  • High storage and security
  • Higher availability and better usage
  • Content delivery is faster
  • Audience segmentation is easy


Hence, if you want to taste such benefits of CDN, then you need to provide the best CDN provider in your location. However, the problem is how to select one best CDN services provider from the thousands of available options.


Check on the guide below the best CDN provider to your website;

Selecting a one reliable and under-budget web hosting is always challenging while choosing a CDN. Therefore, the below mentioned 5 things will help you a lot in selecting a CDN


Let’s take a look at each of them one by one;

  • Always check ratings, reviews, user feedbacks, market values, and user experience of the CDN service provider.
  • Check whether the CDN provider uses the latest technology or not.
  • Check how stable is the company in providing long-time services.
  • Compare every company’s CDN ecosystem and working with live performance and demo.
  • Try comparing the pricing of every CDN service provider.

Top 5 CDN Providers in India

If you are our Indian visitor and are desperately looking for the best CDN providers in India, then we are going to help you in this challenging task of picking one best Content Delivery Network provider in India.


To make your best selection more straightforward, below, we have presented a list that mentions top 5 CDN Providers in India. The list's goal isn’t to promote anyone, but to make the right choice for your website easily.


CloudFlare partnered with Bluehost, FastComet, etc. is a widely known CDN service provider for different kinds of websites. It is a smart CDN solution that fastens the website performance, speedily optimize every web page, blocks doubtful web tampering, hacking activities and saves your site from unwanted threats and malicious abusers.


It also helps in making your site extraordinarily safe and secure. The basic features of CloudFlare are free of cost. However, if you want to access additional features like mobile optimization, multi-user access, advanced security, guaranteed uptime, instant support, high performance, etc. then you need must pay a few dollars.


The paid plan starts from $20 per month. The Cloudflare servers are located in more than 118 countries that include India (New Delhi, Chennai), Africa, Europe, USA, etc.


If you have some plans to use free and paid CloudFlare’s services then better you choose FastComet we hosting services.


CDNetworks whose headquarters are in Seoul and South Korea can give you the highest security, reliability, innovative services, and high performing website over the world platform.


With the worldwide 170+ servers, CDNetworks content delivery comes with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection and an SSL certificate that mainly secure the websites.


Currently, CDNetworks supports 40,000+ websites and increase their speed, online performance, security and reliability across 6 different continents. Also, it provides its services in the most challenging areas of the world like Russia, China, Korea, Japan, India, etc.


MaxCDN is also a popular CDN service in the Indian market used by many popular websites. It is a paid service which has a number of paid packages available for the users.


Located in 90+ countries, MaxCDN has its main base in USA, Israel, China, Singapore, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Sydney, India, Amsterdam etc. The powerful and robust control panel of MaxCDN service allows you to control and manage various types of cache for the blogs and website.

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon is a leading Cloud solution provider whose CloudFront speeds the delivery of content on your website. CloudFront’s content delivery on your website is via a worldwide network at different locations throughout the world.


Whenever your website user requests a content type which is being served with the Amazon CloudFront, every online user to that content routes to an edge area providing the least network latency. Therefore, the website content conveys an exceptional level of performance.


However, if the web content is already in the particular edge area, then Amazon CloudFront carries the content promptly.

Rackspace CDN

Rackspace hosting services offer automatic and modified backups every day to make sure that all the customers get composure after identifying that their data is secure, safe and satisfactory.


They also offer customers a “pay as you go” file storage model in the cloud. It’s the world’s best and secure environment which hosts static websites and large files.


On the top, Rackspace CDN guarantees 100% uptime to their customers and make sure that the site is always in running condition all through the day and night.


Therefore, it is considered as the best hosting services on which you can remain very dependable and reliable. Rackspace further provides round the clock client care and technical support to their customers.


CDN servers are beneficial and useful in providing high and quality traffic to the web content of those websites which have a global audience. Therefore, closer the CDN server is to the users' geographic location, faster the content loads on users’ systems.


Also, CDN provides protection to websites from a sudden and large surge of traffic.


Hence, we believe that the above information about the CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) and CDN providers in India will help you in selecting the best content delivery network for your business.

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