1. Corporate ERP

Open ERP version 8 of the software included apps including website builder, e-commerce, and point of sale and business intelligence. The software conforms to standard expectations of ERP systems, while providing additional modules beyond the coverage of traditional ERP systems. Know more

2. Corporate Email:

Email is today's most popular business communication channel. However, because of some common email issues, we question if it's still a viable choice in the future. Among the inherent flaws associated with email messaging are issues related to accessibility and security. People from all over the world can send unsolicited, spam mails which tend to flood mailboxes. There are several other impacts of insecure emails that can ruin an up growing business. Replace EMAIL & SECURITY by Corporate Email Know more

3.Disaster Recovery Site

Disaster recovery prepares for the recovery and continuation of technology infrastructure after a natural or manmade disaster. For an enterprise, a disaster means abrupt disruption of all or part of business operations, which may directly result in revenue loss. To minimize disaster losses, it is very important to have a good disaster recovery plan for every business subsystem and operation within your enterprise. Know more

4. SSL and security solutions

Our security services check your website for over 7000 vulnerabilities on a monthly basis alerting your web team of any critical required updates. Know more