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Along with email security your website's security is also equally important. provides a security scan and security certifications that will check your website for over 7000 vulnerabilities alarming your web team of any critical or required updates on a monthly basis.

This will help you in the following ways:

  • Build trust into your visitors by providing them secure browsing and purchasing experience.
  • Once your trust is established, it will increase your sales & conversions automatically.
  • You differentiate your business standards from your competitors which in turn increases customer's confidence and your bottom line

Why Security is Required?

Today, there is a growing complexity of security threats, including: viruses, spam, and other malwares, that are becoming more alarming. These threats are getting more intelligent and have even managed to adapt well into today's network conditions undetected. Without appropriate security measures to protect communication and network channels, confidential information, customer data, and business initiatives you are at risk of being leaked, erased, or used for fraudulent activities. Below are some examples of what these threats can do.

  • Viruses infiltrating networks can bring operations into a grinding halt.
  • Spam messages transmitted to emails can slow down networks, causing decreased productivity.
  • Undelivered and delayed emails equate to a lot of wasted business opportunities. Even company employees with malicious intent can massively produce or classified company information if companies are not equipped with substantial security non-disclosure and copyright policies.
  • Companies can lose corporate credibility which could prompt customers to terminate partnerships and subscriptions.
  • Business owners and their authorized representatives could face legal implications if sensitive customer information goes out to the public.

These security threats, if left untreated, can destroy millions of dollars' worth of valuable company resources and years of hard work put into creating a healthy corporate image. No matter the size, businesses should amplify concern in protecting their internal assets.


Our security services check your website for over 7000 vulnerabilities on a monthly basis alerting your web team of any critical required updates.

Below is the list of security certificates available at Everdata Technologies.

CERT Compliance Certification:

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