Our SAP Application hosting and management suite is especially designed to meet the specific requirements of SAP based application and infrastructure. It supports several key and general activities like operations, optimization and application infrastructure management.

SAP Application Hosting Services

We offer the best SAP Application Hosting Services in India that has been double checked by our testing team for accuracy, speed and redundancy. We know the precise needs for SAP Applications and thus have keenly designed and developed the best services that would not only allow you to streamline the flow but will also add certain swiftness to it.

Hosting Services - Dedicated Hosting Services, Co-location

Redundancy of resources is the most important factor to be considered while opting for the SAP hosting. Dedicated server is the best option for you and settling on anything less may have many undesired repercussions. So, we offer the most premium dedicated hosting services that comply with latest technology, most sophisticated hardware and multi-strengthened security.  

Infrastructure Provisioning & Management of Hardware, Storage and Network

Our Hardware, network and Infrastructure is managed by our own staff and is monitored on daily basis. Right from checking hardware’s health and network connectivity till ensuring proper coordination among different aspects of hosting, our perfect blend of manual as well as automated processes make things easier for you.

Database Management (Including Oracle, MS- SQL, Sybase & HANA DB)

Our database management relies on some of the latest technologies. We do consider the high data and high volume and manage them accordingly. Our technically advanced database management system ensures that your data should remain safe and secured.

SAP Basis Support

We offer real time SAP Basis Support Here you can expect a number of SAP related issues being resolved quickly. Our extremely talented staff will be happy to clear any query that you might have.

Other features

  • Change Request Monitoring
  • Security Management with Disaster recovery
  • Interface Management (case to case basis)
  • Upgrade / Support Packages
  • Workload Analysis and Optimization of application components
  • Authorizations & Role management and corrections services
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Extended monitoring and optimization of SAP applications and system landscapes