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How to get the maximum benefit working as a web hosting affiliate – Part 2

Treating your connections merely like prospects will sooner rather than later, alienate them and you will have to start all over again. You would also need to admit that every single person of your newly joined community needs attention and respect if you really want to nurture the community. That’s why inflating number would not be recommended. Build value instead. Many times the people you include in your community may not directly buy your services but they can acquaint you with the people who can become your clients.

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How to get the maximum benefit working as a web hosting affiliate – Part 1

One of the fastest growing products on digital media is the domain and web hosting services. Understandably, being the foundation on which each website stands, the domain name and web hosting are needed by just any website that wants to make it big in the digital world. However, the same has also given birth to the fierce competition. In order to get more clients the domain and web hosting companies are attempting to make affiliates worldwide that allow them to earn a good exposure while the affiliate also get benefitted through this relation.

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Best tools to scan your server for vulnerabilities

As more and more cyber attacks are becoming more common, the security has become the major concern of the people when they start their online venture and build a website. A huge number of attacks generally target the server because it contains the most important data that can have a great effect on the backend site processes as well as the business itself. In order to keep your server free of such attacks the very first thing you have to do is to understand know the risks that can threaten the security of your server.

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How to earn a decent and consistent pay as an affiliate ?

As the number of domain and hosting sellers is experiencing an increase, the competition gets even tougher for resellers and affiliates. However, despite of all the odds, it cannot be said that Domain Reselling is a bad business. In short, if you streamline your activities and become a prominent affiliate/reseller, you can see a good amount of success and revenue. Here’s a detailed article about the same:

Join as affiliates

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Which one is best for me: Cloud Server or Dedicated Server?

One of the most important and equally complicated tasks for any business enterprise is to decide the right type of web hosting package while choosing between 2 packages with similar capabilities and infrastructure. Two of such packages are dedicated server and cloud server. So here is a detailed guide on the special features of both of them that will help you to decide the ideal package for your enterprise needs:

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What’s there in a (domain) name?

Just like your brand name, the domain name is a serious investment as it establishes your online identity and allows you to enjoy a distinct reputation on the net. So you need to be very careful while choosing the ideal domain name for your website. Here are a number of technical and commonsense questions you should ask yourself before you choose a particular domain name of your website:

Avoid similar sounding domain names

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Server Dilemma: Dedicated server or managed dedicated server

While shared hosting plans are considered as the best plans for the entry level, you may need to upgrade to higher plans as your business grow. Businesses with really high requirements of dedicated resource can opt for dedicated hosting that guarantee you a specific set of exclusive resource for your website that are available to you all the time and can instantly be used during high demand situations this ensuring the best site performance.

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Relevance of dedicated servers for online gaming business

At one point of time, the computer gaming was enjoyed either on an individual basis or played between 2-3 players. However, the gaming journey has come a long way and today these games can be enjoyed by multiple users across the globe simultaneously. Understandably that requires specific infrastructure and huge amounts of resources capable to work decently even during most demanding situations. The hosting type matters a lot here.

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Best Anti Ransomware to be used in 2017

One of the greatest cyber threats in 2017 is ransomware. Simply put, it is actually a type of malware that is used by the malicious elements to attack your system and encrypt the data. The data freezes and decryption key lies with the attackers. You will get the decryption key only after paying some hefty amount as asked by the attackers. That’s why it is called ransomware. According to an estimate in 2016, the ransomware made the attackers richer by a whopping $1 billion in 2016. In 2017 the figures are expected to be way higher.


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