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Which one is best for me: Cloud Server or Dedicated Server?

One of the most important and equally complicated tasks for any business enterprise is to decide the right type of web hosting package while choosing between 2 packages with similar capabilities and infrastructure. Two of such packages are dedicated server and cloud server. So here is a detailed guide on the special features of both of them that will help you to decide the ideal package for your enterprise needs:

Major difference between Cloud servers and dedicated servers

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What’s there in a (domain) name?

Just like your brand name, the domain name is a serious investment as it establishes your online identity and allows you to enjoy a distinct reputation on the net. So you need to be very careful while choosing the ideal domain name for your website. Here are a number of technical and commonsense questions you should ask yourself before you choose a particular domain name of your website:

Avoid similar sounding domain names

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Server Dilemma: Dedicated server or managed dedicated server

While shared hosting plans are considered as the best plans for the entry level, you may need to upgrade to higher plans as your business grow. Businesses with really high requirements of dedicated resource can opt for dedicated hosting that guarantee you a specific set of exclusive resource for your website that are available to you all the time and can instantly be used during high demand situations this ensuring the best site performance.

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Relevance of dedicated servers for online gaming business

At one point of time, the computer gaming was enjoyed either on an individual basis or played between 2-3 players. However, the gaming journey has come a long way and today these games can be enjoyed by multiple users across the globe simultaneously. Understandably that requires specific infrastructure and huge amounts of resources capable to work decently even during most demanding situations. The hosting type matters a lot here.

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Best Anti Ransomware to be used in 2017

One of the greatest cyber threats in 2017 is ransomware. Simply put, it is actually a type of malware that is used by the malicious elements to attack your system and encrypt the data. The data freezes and decryption key lies with the attackers. You will get the decryption key only after paying some hefty amount as asked by the attackers. That’s why it is called ransomware. According to an estimate in 2016, the ransomware made the attackers richer by a whopping $1 billion in 2016. In 2017 the figures are expected to be way higher.

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How can ccTLDs help you in better search engine ranking?

At one point of time, the online businesses had to rely on a limited number of TLD (Top level domains) like .com, .net or .org. However, with time a number of new TLDs have been introduced including ccTLDs. As many people are opting for ccTLD it would be good to know the influence of ccTLDs on your SEO:

About ccTLDs

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12 ways to increase the speed of your website (Part 1)

Having a website is a good thing but building a huge audience is even great and even better is to turn them into loyal audience. The user experience maters a lot here and when we talk of the user experience speed is most important. So it is quintessential for you to ensure that your site should have the best speed if you really want to build a loyal audience. But the most pressing question is how to increase the speed. If that question is annoying you too, then here are are some useful tips for you:

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Some really helpful tips to find an ideal hosting provider

Once you have designed your website the next thing is to find a suitable web hosting services. Choosing the right hosting provider is very important if you want to enjoy a smooth online experience and make a strong identity for your website. As more and more businesses are entering the online arena, the competition is at all time high. Besides, Google keeps on introducing a number of guidelines to ensure the best user experience.


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