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Although social networking is the most popular medium to communicate today, email is mostly preferred when it comes to trusted communication. Most businesses use their personalized email IDs that are created on their business website so these kinds of email IDs are assumed real. Again most of the business deals are finalized through e-mails, as it contains all required specifications and terms & condition of the deal.

Without any doubt a big part of your business communication depends on your emails. That is why you must be worried about the security of your emails and have a strong email solution for long lasting reputation of your business communication.


Email is today's most popular business communication channel. However, because of some common email issues, we question if it's still a viable choice in the future. Among the inherent flaws associated with email messaging are issues related to accessibility and security. People from all over the world can send unsolicited, spam mails which tend to flood mailboxes. There are several other impacts of insecure emails that can ruin an up growing business.


Now you know how important emails are for your business, but on the other hand it can be really a serious and dangerous weapon to kill your business if not used with a complete security.

  • Unsecure email solutions can get virus problem to your website .
  • Your website and confidential data can be hacked if your email is not secure.
  • Your existing data can be spoiled and distributed all over the internet. That may reveal your business secrets to your competitors.
  • Sometimes all your online data and server can be freeze.

And many more other disastrous things can happen that can completely destroy your business.


Here are a few precautions that can be applied to save your emails from some common issues. After using your email account do the following:

- Make it a habit to close the browser once you have logged out. - Always remember to delete browser cache, history and passwords, if you don't need them. - If you think the account you are using is continuously facing spam issues or hacked, then don't hold onto that account too long, especially for confidential communication.