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For website hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the best fit after the Shared hosting plan. As your website develops, eventually, shared hosting simply will not be enough to hold your internet resources.

According to that, you will have to move your business from shared hosting to VPS. However, the question remains the same, when is the perfect opportunity to upgrade to VPS hosting.

In this article, we tell you why to change your hosting plan. Also, how you can set a smooth transition from shared hosting to VPS hosting. But, first, let's investigate what VPS Hosting in India is about!

What is VPS Hosting or VPS Server?

A Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting Server hosts virtual copies of a dedicated server inside a shared hosting server. VPS hosting is famous because it is lower in cost than a dedicated hosting plan. Also, it provides better dependability, security, and execution than shared hosting.

Additionally, it provides clients with root access to the server, allowing them to install applications and make changes without the need to go through the hosting provider, as they would with shared server hosting.

VPS hosting is frequently viewed as an incredible choice for SaaS providers, game producers, developers, coders, programmers, and businesses that have grown hugely. Also, VPS fits the needs of a secure and affordable backup environment.

Why You Must Change to VPS Hosting?

A decent business plan is tied in with knowing when to take action to a higher degree of hosting. It might appear to be an intense call; however, a decent VPS provider can increase your business capacity & improve ROI.

The primary motivation behind why most businesses switch from shared hosting to VPS hosting is an increase in traffic. A shared hosting account deals with low to medium traffic spikes. Whereas VPS will provide better and quicker exhibitions for your websites/applications and traffic to them.

Most shared hosting plans are limited to specific applications and services. You can't install many apps on shared hosting due to the unavailability of the required modules.

Assuming you use VPS hosting, you can install any application you need — the main models are it should meet the hosting provider's approaches. Additionally, you can install many PHP modules you want.

Shared hosting plans are restricted to a fixed number of email addresses. The equivalent goes for FTP accounts, databases, and various resources. But, provides more bandwidth, disk space, and versatility.

Move to VPS Hosting Services!

Before moving to VPS hosting, first, know what you want! Along these lines, get ready for the essential system administration, best utilize a VPS, that guarantees smooth transition.

Things you ought to be aware of while choosing the Best VPS Hosting:

From Automation to Administration

Shared hosting servers configure a fit to all approach. Shared hosting can be automated to a successful administration with the use of a VPS server. A VPS hosting would of course do this!

You can configure your VPS server for the best performance of your website. You can set up any non-standard software and configurations. This setup can be a non-standard PHP version from custom framework installations.

The main drawback to this is that you may fail to remember a couple of things. A VPS server won't settle on choices, never neglect to install a basic security update, and will be automatic for you.

Root and SSH Access

Assuming you're planning to get VPS hosting plans, you should become familiar with utilizing Root access. No other account will have exact and complete information about the server.

Additionally, you can just change specific configuration settings utilizing the root account. As a system administrator, you would need to provide the command-line interface (CLI) in an attempt.

You would need to set up a Secure Shell (SSH) connection to your VPS hosting - add an IP address to the VPS firewall! This can be somewhat scary assuming you have never utilized it.

Remember Backups

Ensure your site backups and cPanel backups are set up for every one of your websites and clients. Try not to stand by to set them up! Since you are on a VPS, you can even schedule the cPanel backups regularly inside WHM.

Moving to VPS hosting lets you make the Best VPS Server snapshots. These snapshots are a duplicate of your whole server stored on an external drive.

In any case, you ought not to depend on these snapshots as a 'regular' backup. Consider using those backups on the crisis that restores the whole server to what it resembled.

Plan For Updates

Assuming you've at any point managed a website, you would realize that it is so critical to keep things updated. This applies to the software of your cheap VPS server too! Everything from your OS to cPanel should be updated.

Ensure you are very much informed of the updates that come out. You can update yourself or find support from our technical support team of your service provider.

Features of EverData VPS Hosting Plans!

EverData is one of the main web host providers that offer you a wide range of web hosting services including VPS Hosting – Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting.

All plans are customizable and adaptable. You can pick any of our Cheap VPS Hosting packages. Each package has its own features. These features give you an end-client experience while employing them for your website.

    • 99.99 % Uptime
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Highly Customizable
    • Gigantic SSD
    • Cloud-Powered best VPS hosting India
    • Resource Monitoring Dashboard
    • Opportunity to Choose hardware
    • 24*7 Crew Support
    • Regular Updates

With these restrictive VPS features, you can undoubtedly guarantee the better exhibition and high speed of your site.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch?

You can choose the EverData for simple data migrations! We will assist you with your VPS Server setup and do all the essential configurations.

Assuming you are uncertain, you can openly connect to our support team and get the best services of VPS India. Depending on your business requirements and necessities, we will propose to you the best in industry web hosting plans.

Additionally, you'll be given 24*7 customer and technical support. We'll change from shared to an ideal and efficient Cheap VPS Hosting!

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