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A website that you created for your company needs to be hosted on a server. Hosting ensures visibility of your site. Depending on the type of business you are in you will have different needs, in any case being a business website those needs will differ than ones of a personal blog. To simplify matters business websites and eCommerce sites cannot afford to lose their visibility.  

Therefore if your website is inaccessible it will cost your business a significant number of potential customers. The downtime will also affect your reputation, as business will be seen as not reliable, or not living up to the promises made to the customers.

Importance of the hosting services

To assure that does not happen it is imperative that you choose the right hosting service for your business. There are numerous free web hosting services and platforms, however for commercial websites those are not suitable. Let's take out the issue of domain for a second and focus on technical side of free hosting services. Those hosting services are highly limited and what’s even worse is that they are infrequently backed up. With all this said it is clear that free hosting services will not be able to ensure a smooth running of your business.

If you are planning on running a commercial site it is best to choose the VPS or dedicated hosting services. However before you choose the right service provider and the hosting package; you should be aware of the different options that are available.

What is the Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Virtual private server provides the majority of features that come with the dedicated hosting service, but within a shared hosting environment. In essence it provides you with a virtual machine. You have unlimited access to the operating system, and can customize the environment to suit your requirements.

VPS acts like a dedicated server, while serving other users that have the same rights like you. Therefore VPS can be seen as a dedicated server within a shared server. VPS hosting services are however more dedicated than the common shared services. This does reflect on costs, and  costs are slightly higher than the shared hosting, but still much lower than a dedicated hosting service.

What is Dedicated Server hosting?

This hosting service provides you with a server dedicated solely to you. Servers are placed within the hosting provider's data center and the provider takes care of the software, networking, connection and all other backup needs of that company’s website. This is the premium form of hosting that assures you do not miss out any of your business opportunities and transactions.

The dedicated servers are offered by the best hosting service providers and you can choose this from them at a monthly as well as yearly service charge. If you decide to go with dedicated server make sure your provider offers unlimited web space, unlimited accounts, more than 99.9% uptime guarantee and regularly backs up for your data and website. This will give you the peace of your mind that your business is safe and sound.


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