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People often face difficulty when they try to grow internet business or grow an online business without investing. Anyone who starts an online business to gain profit faces difficulty in marketing in order to multiply online business income.

If you are looking to increase your online business income without a lot of money, then the 5 smart tips in this article are for you. The practical tips in this article can teach you methods to obtain profitable business on a small budget.

Our goal is to help you all complete your business. Also, to give you a few important strategies to grow an online business and increase online sales.

However, before we start spilling beans out for you, we want to highlight a little bit about social media.

Is Social Media A Crisis In Online Business?

It has been a couple of years, we hear that social media maximize your business income. Is it really true?

We can’t really say how it affects your business income, but people regularly ask me questions like how to grow my business on Facebook? Can I grow my business with Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp?

Social media is undoubtedly an important part of business only for a single reason because it allows business owners or businessmen to go in front of the audience or consumers digitally.The presence of prominent social media platforms named above thus is important today to boost your internet business into a more significant online brand.

“There are many successful businesses which started online and are today the world’s leading businesses. Out of them, one is e-commerce online business, and other is blogging.”

It is quite wrong that social media is a crisis! Yes, there are disadvantages, but while speaking in terms of business, social media has helped to bring out the profit from online business.

Use Social Media To Drive More Traffic

With so many users at LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. chances to grow business are high. The one thing you need to do to increase online sales is continous sharing of your content, blog posts, business profiles, etc.

There are tons of other things that can do to engage with the audiences on social media. One primary key responsibility is to keep your profiles active, grow your followers, and try to bring traffic to your website. You can do the following things for that

  • Create Facebook groups for your customers or industry.
  • Make a LinkedIn group for your business products.
  • Retarget users on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with the ads.
  • Focus on improving social networks. For example, if you are running a fashion blog, then you might find Instagram more helpful in comparison to LinkedIn.
  • Don’t just bring traffic from social media to your website, use social media platforms to create an email marketing platform.

Lastly, create brand awareness, attract new customers with best website design, and maximize your social reach to grow your small online business.

Actively Participate In Online Communities

Online communities are forums and Q&A websites. People on these sites post their questions, find content, socialize, write answers, promote their products, and explore.

A few Top communities on the net include Reddit, Quora. Stack Exchange, TripAdvisor, and more. These communities let you access those people who are interested in the topics associated with your business and industry.

First, find out relevant communities for your business and know where your potential customers look for answers or content. It might help you to grow an online business without investing.

Don’t spam these forums as a source of backlinks to your website in each post. Try building authority and genuinely participate with helpful content. Also, mention your website or business whenever it is appropriate.

How To Increase Online Sales?

Start Affiliation or Partner Program! Affiliate marketing is known as a referral arrangement where an online retailer (advertiser) pay commission to a referrer on purchase of your product via a referral link. If you are selling products online, then use affiliate marketing and partner up with skilled affiliate marketers. Pay a sales commission to the marketers for promoting and get business profit online.

To track referral activity from the marketers, you will have to invest in the affiliate management system and tracking software. Otherwise, you can partner yourself with some others and can also promote your products to increase your online business income.


PPC: Pay-Per-Click Is A Good Option

You can run a small budget Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns with programs like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Ads, you can set your own target keywords, pricing, and audience.

In fact, Google AdWords offers free advertising credits to all new advertisers. You can use these credits, experiment with PPC advertising to get some paid traffic on your website for free. PPC is the best source to grow online business without investing.

Use Google Analytics For Data-Based Decisions

Like all the above strategies to grow online business, use of Google Analytics is far better to obtain organic traffic and multiply online business income. Many beginners run their business decision on guesses to plan the growth strategy. But, you don’t need to do if you can use actual and real-time data to make those decisions.


Google Analytics allows you to see daily visitors to your site, their location, their referral links, and the time they spent. It comes with a lot of information in a neatly organized manner. Also, it could be a bit overwhelming for the new users but can help you a lot to boost your internet business.


If your website is on WordPress, then install and activate the Monster Insights plugin, which is the best Analytics plugin for WordPress. Also, you can use the Google Webmasters Tool.

There are many business growth factors, and it’s not possible that every factor will work in your favor to help you grow your small online business. But, following these tips patiently can result in an increase in sales, which gradually will grow more if you are able to satisfy your customers.

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