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Everdata Achieves 2 Prestigious Awards For Usability And Rising Star By Finances Online

EverData SSD VPS Cloud Earns Esteemed Honors for Outstanding Hosting Services from Business Software Directory


The premiere hosting provider in India, EverData, has been distinguished with two esteemed honors for its unwavering efforts to meet the ever-increasing data demands of web-based businesses everywhere.


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5 Great Web Hosting Panels To Effectively Manage Your Site

In order to ensure the best functionality of your site, you need a competent web hosting panel that aligns with your technical expertise and specific business requirements. An ideal hosting panel should be compatible with your operating system and does not compress your capabilities or interrupts the smooth operations. While there are a number of web hosting panels available in the market, you need to choose the one that is ideal for your specific objectives and organization.

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How To Reclaim Your Original SEO Ranking After Changing Your Domain Name?

Due to diverse reasons, you may need to change your existing domain name. The reasons could be the merger with another business, enhancing the scope of business or any other factor that requires you to buy a new domain name that matches the present new status of your business. You know that transferring a domain name inevitably affects SEO rankings.

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Looking for the best datacenter to protect sensitive data? This guide can help!

When we talk about datacenters the first thing that comes to the mind is web hosting. However, there are various other ways too in which a data center helps your organization like data storage.  There are copious amounts of data generated by every company on a daily basis.
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Should you buy the dedicated server? (when should you consider buying it?)

When you buy a shared hosting plan you have to share your server and resources with a number of other websites that divides the cost among many clients thus effectively bringing down the overall expenses incurred by each client. That is why it is counted as the most economical hosting plan suitable for small businesses and start-ups.
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5 Things To Remember While Buying A Good Web Hosting Plan

The success of your website is determined by its ability to attract and satisfy the targeted audience. There are a number of factors that affect the user experience like designing, functionality, interactivity and other aspects. However, the fundamental or most basic parameters that can make or break the user experience are speed, connectivity, and availability.
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5 Best Business Benefits Of Website Builder

Web hosting is no longer limited to providing only the elementary services like hosting and domain name. The increasing number of players in the industry has resulted in a healthy competition that has some definite advantages for the end clients. In order to increase their saleability, a number of web hosting providers also offer business-friendly tools to their clients. Some tools are offered as a complimentary package while others are available at premium prices. One such tool is Website Builder. So, let us see what exactly is a Website Builder and the various business benefits it offers.
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5 Major Challenges Faced By Data Center Industry

Today the business world is empowered by the digital revolution as more and more corporate prefer to actively use the internet and their websites as the most efficient means for enhancing the business and increase the revenue. Data plays an important role here. That is hwy the businesses need maximum amount of data to enhance their overall benefits. The volume of data has also increased in the recent years. There are a number of ways in which the data is utilized in the industry.

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This Guide Will Help You To Decide The Right Hosting For You

Today there are a number of web hosting plans that you can choose to run your website - Right from shared hosting to dedicated hosting plans with premium features. So you might have a difficult time selecting the ideal plan for you that fits into your budget and aligns with your business. Don’t worry; we make the things easier for you. Here we are presenting different web hosting plans that suit the needs of different clients. 


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