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Did you know these 6 ways to protect information theft in 2018

Yet another year is about to join the history while the new-year would arrive with its own kitty o opportunities development and even security threats. In fact it is predicted that the hackers would increase their activities considerably during 2018, So if you want to maintain the security of your site in 2o18 then you should keep in mind the below mentioned 4 factors to evaluate ether health of your site.

Any website is a good target” for hackers

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Translating website content can translate into increased traffic- Part 1

The reputation and impact of your website closely rely on the content that describes you and your business. That is why businesses are now spending a good amount on quality content. Having good quality content can help you a great way. However, you still need some more efforts to get the cutting edge over your competitors especially if you want to make a global reach.

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Application specific Hosting Service Provider: Definition, uses, types and associated resources

Web hosting services are also known simply as hosting services. However, if we dig deeper into the technicalities we will see that there are different types of hosting services that are offered by service providers to the clients for diverse purposes. Some of these services are generally included in web hosting packages like email hosting while the others have a distinct identity of their own, for example, game servers.

Application Specific Hosting Services

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How to use outreach for guest posting in 2018

One of the oldest and yet effective ways to build lasting business relationships online is outreaching. You can expect a number of benefits by wisely using outreaching methods. One such method is publishing your guest post on platforms with high traffic and impressive DA. Though the new year 2018 will see some anticipated changes different SEO aspects, the relevance of guest positing is not likely to lessen. You can still expect good benefits out of guest posting.

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WebnCloud Expo received by great enthusiasm in Jaipur

WebnCloud Expo - an ambitious conference on best practices, challenges and opportunities in the field of IT infrastructure and digital marketing, was recently organized by EverData Technologies on 15 September 2017. The venue was Hotel Royal Orchid Jaipur. The conference included interactive demos, discussions, announcements, best practices and insightful talks by industry experts. Various aspects of digital presence were discussed in 20 different sessions by seasoned professionals.

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How to design the logo that for corporate character ?

In order to carve your niche in the digital world you need to invest serious efforts and resources to build your brand. There are a number of elements that define the brand. One of the most expressive form of branding exercises if reading the appropriate logo. A logo is actually the symbol or graphical element used as a signature of your brand. One of the major objectives of a logo is to help your targeted audience to connect instantly with your brand.

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How to offer premium service to your clients for maximum benefits ?

There are a number of hosting resellers vying to attract the clients. So, one of the major challenges of new resellers is how to maximize the benefits and enjoy a distinct market reputation. In fact for that purpose they need to think out of the box and offer the premium services that will help them to improve the customer relations and acquire regular clientele.

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Ideal site architecture for maximum conversions

The importance of a website is best known by the people who are completely dependent on digital sales of their products and services. For them, just a good design or dynamic features are not enough. There are a number of things that can make your website a hit among the audience, increase your revenue and reputation and at the same time help you to own a distinct online identity.

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EverData’s New Business Opportunities event received with enthusiasm

EverData Technologies, a leading datacenter and web hosting company of Jaipur, held a Partner Meet at Hotel Royal Orchid in Jaipur on 18th August 2017. The event was aptly named 'New Business Opportunities' with Everdata. It was aimed at making the participants aware about various business opportunities offered by EverData Technologies and the best ways to take the advantage. The event was attended by the prospects from IT and hosting Industry of Jaipur.


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