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EverData Technologies, a leading datacenter and web hosting company of Jaipur, held a Partner Meet at Hotel Royal Orchid in Jaipur on 18th August 2017. The event was aptly named 'New Business Opportunities' with Everdata. It was aimed at making the participants aware about various business opportunities offered by EverData Technologies and the best ways to take the advantage. The event was attended by the prospects from IT and hosting Industry of Jaipur.


The event started at 6 o'clock with a motivational opening speech by Mr. Naveen Sharma, CEO, EverData Technologies, in which he mentioned about the company’s mission, vision and values. He also informed the participants about the company’s products and partnership opportunities offered by EverData and various ways in which the company can help its partners to achieve maximum benefits. Naveen Sharma also informed about the changing trends of web hosting industry and emphasized upon the need of fair business practices.


The short yet powerful speech was awarded with a long applause. It was followed by a detailed presentation on the EverData Partner Program that focused on various plans and packages offered by the company and the partnership opportunities it provides. It included the entire business route map, partner benefits and assistance offered by the company. The interested participants were encouraged to put forward their concerns in Q&A session.

In this interactive session the audience asked a number of interesting questions touching different aspects of web hosting industry, right from legal formalities to technical requirements and practical skills. Each question was satisfactorily answered by the exclusive subject experts of the company. The pointed answers kept the session crisp yet wholesome and at times it resembled a rapid fire question round. The smart and purpose-specific questions asked by participants reflected their sincere interest and homework they did prior to attending the event.


The company also invited constructive suggestions from the participants too. Many participants offered their suggestions and several of them stood out due to the innovative appeal. The business executives of the company noted down the suggestions and assured an immediate action on the same.


The company also unveiled its newly enhanced automated reseller program that is strategically designed by the company to offer maximum assistance to the resellers. It is a fully automated premium ecosystem for establishing, marketing and managing the hosting business. It includes a complete array of purpose-specific tools offering professional excellence. Apart from the premium storefront, it also includes tools for marketing campaign, multilayer resource allocation, branding support, package management and quality control panels.


A huge number of attendees snapped their selfies standing with the company’s mascot. For rewarding the attendees’ enthusiasm the company offered a free domain with 1 year of validity to anyone who posted the selfies on their facebook with appropriate tagging.


The event was perfectly planned and well received by the potential partners. Major attractions were the Presentation and Q&A round during the event. It was concluded with a great applause by the participants who seemed to have absolutely enjoyed and benefitted from it.

About EverData

EverData Technologies is Rajasthan’s first Tier III level private data center. It has also been offering exclusive IPV6 consulting and cloud consultancy services to the clients. The company made headlines when it launched the first Hindi cloud of India. Recently the company has partnered with Google as a premier cloud partner. The company offers quality hosting packages for Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting. It also offers innovative hosting packages like Jelastic Cloud, SSD hosting, SEO hosting and Java Hosting. The company has offices in India and the US.

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