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As more and more businesses in India (including the traditional businesses) now prefer to make a strong online presence, the demand for domain names has increased. However, the supply has also been increased with more and more innovative TLDs that allow the clients to get good domain names at economical prices with high profit margin business ideas.
 So, now you have a wider menu of TLDs to look for if your .com domain name is not available or is available at an exclusive price tag.

.Com is expensive? Next best option is not available! What’s the solution?

Though there are a number of options available in the market, the studies show that .online plays a vital role in attracting a good number of audiences because of the host of benefits it offers. Here are a few of them:
  • Due to its universal approach, many web hosting companies are keen to sell this TLD to their clients who are interested to know ways and means on how to start small investment business. So, you wouldn't find it difficult to get a good discount deal on this TLD.
  • The term Online enjoys a global popularity and is not restricted by language barriers 
  • . Online TLD is not limited to any specific profession or region. So it can be used for any type of website be it educational site, online marketplace, media site or any other site interested in having best business low cost ideas under Rs 150.
  • EverData technologies is offering .Online domain at a price that is even less than what you would spend on two cups of coffee! You only need to pay Rs.49 to get a .Online domain name of your choice. Click here 


Shared hosting offers you scalable resources at affordable rates. However, as a website owner, you would need to have an extended control over the website and wouldn't like the limited technical knowledge challenge your authority. 
  • To be precise, you need a hosting plan/interface that is simple to use, scalable intuitive and equipped with extended features. 
  • That is why Linux hosting is quite popular among the novices and non-technical website owners due to its easy functionality and intuitive admin controls 

Benefits of Linux Hosting

  • Being an open source the Linux support a variety of open source apps. Interpreting in business language - you can extend the functionality of your website without spending any additional amount for purchase prices, licensing fees, etc. 
  • Another best part is that as it is run by a huge community of developers, you can get a solution to your technical issues quickly and precisely. 
  • Besides it has a uniform appeal as it is acceptable across diverse scripting languages including PHP, MySQL Perl etc. It also supports a number of databases like MySQL, MSQL and others. 
  • Now the best part- pricing. Being non-proprietary open source software, the Linux is available at very affordable prices. 
  • In fact, EverData is currently offering the Linux hosting at just Rs. 99 per month that is perhaps the lowest price looking at the package details that include 5GB disk space, 5 FTP and subdomains, 19 Email accounts, and unlimited parked domains that you can use in the future or sell them at a profit. What's more, you will also get an unlimited bandwidth support the fluctuates and traffic issues

Website Building

Website Building

A major part of initial digital endeavour is the website development and it is the toughest part too. There are 2 reasons behind the same firstly the entire development process requires coding, scripting, and other technical knowledge and secondly if our hire someone else to designee your website the prices can be very expensive. 

  • The best thing is to go for the themes and templates that allow you to create your own website independently without any coding. 
  • Apart from saving a good amount, there are other benefits of using the themes. Most of the themes and website building platforms are already SEO optimized to enhance their usability and benefits. 
  • However, with the help of website building toolset, you can set our own pace of development to complete the website within a stipulated period of time. The creativity is something very personal and seldom is it possible to convey your precise creative objectives/goals to the others. 

EverData Benefit

  • Everdata's Linux plan comes with a free site builder that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a zero-coding site building toolset so that you can create your own site without any external help/ you would also be able to make any changes in the future if you desire. 
  • The unique feature is that instead of offering a generic DIY look, the entire features of this site builder helps you to create lovely awesome websites with a fully professional appeal. Did we tell you that it is available for free!

One small step can lead you to a great success

Thus you can get a hosting plan in less than 150 i.e. Rs.99 Hosting Plan + Rs.49 .Online Domain. In other words, it takes very small, even negligible figure to start your online flight to success. With commitment, smart strategies and right business acumen you can see some tangible results within a reasonable period of time. In one way it reminds us of the Neil Armstrong’s quotation: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." 
The key question is “Are you ready to take this small step for acquiring giant success?”

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