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Questions CIO should ask before moving thier operations to Cloud

Cloud Computing is a red-hot topic these days. It is inciting massive concern from CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs who are inquiring about this new paradigm shift and desire to understand how it will affect their business.

This great concern has brought ahead two grounds. The cloud computing televangelist who excite its advantages and fear mongering traditionalists whose business models are now at stake.

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Linux Vs Windows Hosting – What’s The Difference?

The initial step in making an effective, compelling company website is to choose a web host.

While most Internet service providers (ISPs) offer enough space for a personal blog or web page, incorporating high-quality multimedia or an e-commerce store requires much more storage, along with dedicated support.

But picking the right web host provider isn’t the only main decision companies need to make — they also need to choose between the “Big Two” web platforms: Windows and Linux.

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Compare Web Hosting Control Panel cPanel Vs Plesk

Either you are large company leasing dedicated servers, a medium one, starting a Web hosting service or a small shop just choosing a shared hosting venue, the Web server’s control panel is the way to your online business.

And with the numerous of control panel options there, well known with the pros and cons of the panel, can lead to right decisions, lesser burden, and better performance.

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