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  • Information Entered Into A User's Browser Can Be Passed On Securely To Your Customer's Site.
  • Certificate Is Provisioned In Less Than 10 Minutes.
  • Proposed For Sites Which Perform Low Volume Commerce.
  • Can Be Registered For One To Three Years.
Making Your Online Business

Secure with SSL Certificate!

The quickest, affordable, cost-effective, and efficient way to provide security to your website is the SSL certificate. Apart from affordability, Apart from the low cost, each certificate comes in a plan that adds great value for small to medium-size businesses.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) gives identity and security to your website's identity and encrypts all the data and information received/send to/from your website. This certificate keeps your computer safe and avoids malicious thieves from spying on your computers.

We give you the highest-level security with our SSL certificate plans and packages. Everdata gives 3-types of certificates: RapidSSL, QuickSSL, and QuickSSL premium. Also, we give you some dynamic features and services that provide real-time verification of your security credentials.

Everdata SSL Certificates - Features

Fast online automated validation
Fully-managed SSL business service
24x7 phone, mail, and web support
SSL certificate management tool
Free website vulnerability scanning
Protect websites, servers, domains
Boost Google search ranking
Phishing & Cyberthreat protection
Secure PadLock icon URL scan

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Not only Everdata is a trustworthy SSL Certificate provider, but it also offers a wide range of SSL Certificate options and provides you with the following add-on services!

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Frequently Asked Questions

SSL refers to Secure Sockets Layer. Every time you open an HTTPS web address or URL, you see a lock icon at the start of the URL. That symbolizes that the URL is secure to browse and is well-encrypted. Furthermore, having an SSL certificate builds trust among your visitors. In today's digital world, an SSL is must to have. It keeps user data secure, verifies the website ownership, prevents cyber attacks on your website.

High-level security, data security, data encryption, data integrity, and cyberattack prevention are top benefits of SSL. An SSL certificate is a ready-made shield to your website.

Getting a Standard SSL certificate takes less than 5 minutes or less. A Deluxe SSL takes 3-5 business days and getting Premium SSL certificates is an extensive process.

At Everdata we send you an email to inform you that your site is hosted at the Everdata server. To install your SSL certificate you can go to your cPanel and download from it. Also, you can contact us, on facing any problem.

You can choose an SSL certificate when you have decided to go for online business website development!