Fraudster techniques becoming more advanced:

Techniques used in online card-not-present fraud are becoming more and more sophisticated. Traditional fraud screening tools can only determine if a credit card is legitimate or if the user-entered account information matches those on record. Today, fraudsters can obtain personal credit card information, pose as the legitimate card holder, and bypass standard fraud checks.

Looking at fraud from a different angle:

At Everdata, we approach fraud screening in a different way. We examine an online transaction from various angles. Our tools are not geared towards verifying the authenticity of the credit card details used for the purchase, but rather, identifying if the purchaser is the legitimate card holder. Through our analysis, we have been able to identify traits and patterns that are associated with fraudulent orders. By asking the right questions, we can provide e-commerce businesses with the necessary information to detect fraudulent orders before the payment is processed.

Key features include

  • Geographical IP address location checking
  • High risk IP address and e-mail checking
  • Issuing bank BIN Number country matching*
  • minFraud Network
  • Post query analysis
  • Cost-effective pricing starting at $0.004 per transaction

*The BIN Number input is optional - in addition to credit card payments, our service can be used to screen transactions from alternative payment systems such as PayPal.

For added protection, Use offer telephone verification service

Verification through the telephone is automated thus saving you time and money without giving up protection. Our telephone verification ensures that your customers provide you with a working, traceable telephone number. As a result, fraudsters are less likely to target your business.

The whole process is automated for the merchant and easy to complete for customers. We provide a HTTP interface along with PHP, Java and Perl APIs that can be called from a computer program.

How telephone verification works:

  • Online business seeks online customer verification. Payment process awaiting telephone verification.
  • Robotic call generated to number provided by customer.
  • A random 4-digit numeric code is given to customer via telephone.
  • Customer enters the security code onto website.
  • If code matches, payment process is allowed to proceed.

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