Though famous for its art, France is also home to some of the top names in the business. France boasts of a dynamic economy that enjoys a premium position in the entire Eurozone making it a prime hub for commercial activities. Availability of best manpower and latest technologies further elevate the country's position as a preferred location for the datacenter. Our data center in France promises uninterrupted performance delivery, high productivity and maximum security due to its well-managed ecosystem. We take every careful step to ensure that you should get the maximum RoI of your investment

Salient Features of our France dataCenter

  1. 24-Hour surveillance by CCTV and video recording further make the things easier to track
  2. Energy efficiency model
  3. Multilevel fire protection fortified with smoke detectors
  4. Availability of talented support staff
  5. Maximum performance delivery via top grade hardware and software resources
  6. Best safety against natural disasters as well as human errors
  7. Extensive automation for best output
  8. A complete plan for data backup, security and disaster recovery
  9. Redundant power