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This Guide Will Help You To Decide The Right Hosting For You

Today there are a number of web hosting plans that you can choose to run your website - Right from shared hosting to dedicated hosting plans with premium features. So you might have a difficult time selecting the ideal plan for you that fits into your budget and aligns with your business. Don’t worry; we make the things easier for you. Here we are presenting different web hosting plans that suit the needs of different clients. 

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cPanel VS Plesk: An honest comparison

When we talk about web hosting, one of the most important things that naturally draws our attention is the control panel. In fact, the control panel is your digital ecosystem from where you can control various administrative and management features of your website as per your varying needs. It helps you to take care of your resources, monitor the usage and also perform a number of administrative controls. Two major control panels used by different clients include cPanel and Plesk. While cPanel is the most popular control panel, Plesk has also made a number of changes recently that has elevated its appeal. Let us go for a side by side comparison of both the

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9 Reasons Why You Should Buy SSD VPS Cloud Hosting

During the last decade, the number of Start-ups and SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) has actively started gearing up their digital presence with the help of more robust and sophisticated websites. As a result, they need more robust and dynamic web hosting plans. That is why the popularity of VPS hosting has seen a great rise. Due to the availability of economical VPS hosting plans, small businesses are no longer forced to stick to shared hosting plans for an extended period of time. As more and more start-ups and SMEs now prefer to buy VPS hosting plan, web hosting companies have also added many innovative features to extend the advantages of VPS. 
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4 major benefits of SAP hosting

Right from the giant corporate conglomerates to new age start-ups, almost all the businesses with decent technical requirements are aware about SAP ERP and many of them are actively using it to enhance performance and output. However, in order to get the maximum rewards out of your SAP investments, it is important to buy SAP hosting services that promise powerful performance, greater security and high levels of reliability. This blog tells about various benefits you get when you hire SAP hosting services. However, we will start the topic with some basic information:

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Linux vs. Windows: Pros, Cons, Tips and Final Verdict

While both Linux and Windows offer a good amount of user-friendly features the things might be a bit knotty while deciding the idea OS for your web hosting plan. In fact, both the OS have pros as well cons and you should be very careful while choosing the right operating system for your web hosting plan. In one of our previous posts, we have already discussed the various differences between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. Taking the things forward, in this post we will present the pros and cons of both the OS and also suggesting you the ideal OS aligning with your specific needs.

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Website Security: Top 5 questions you should ask yourself?

 The web hosting industry has seen a huge increase in the security threats in the recent years. It can partially be attributed to the oversmartness of hackers. Besides, the introduction of many smart automated tools that can infest the websites with viruses, bots, and other malicious elements has also made the things much easier for the hackers.

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5 Reasons that can send your website Offline

One of the worst nightmares that can give website owners the sleepless nights is to see their website going offline! There could be a number of reasons behind it but ultimately it can cause a significant loss to your digital business depending upon the duration of offline session. The loss can further be multiplied if it happens during the peak season or peak hours of your business. So, it is always better to take the precautionary measures for preventing your site from going down. So, here we are presenting the common reasons that can send your site offline:

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How should you move your WordPress site safely

There are a number of reasons that can prompt you to move your WordPress site to a new host. Unsatisfactory services, high prices and unnecessary restrictions are some of the reasons. However, it is very important to follow the prescribed process while moving your WordPress site. If you want to move WordPress website to a new host then there are 3 important elements to be taken care of. It involves migrating to a new host, own domain, and new server

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Start Your own online business with just Rs 150

As more and more businesses in India (including the traditional businesses) now prefer to make a strong online presence, the demand for domain names has increased. However, the supply has also been increased with more and more innovative TLDs that allow the clients to get good domain names at economical prices with high profit margin business ideas.
 So, now you have a wider menu of TLDs to look for if your .com domain name is not available or is available at an exclusive price tag.


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