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In this digital era, the influencers play a very important role in leveraging your brand and turning your digital campaigns into a big hit. However, you need to be careful while finding the right influencers for your purpose. You would also need a proper strategy to connect with them and start a meaningful relationship. In this blog we are going to share the best tips to keep in mind while finding or connecting with the influencers:

Understand your targeted audience

You need an influencer who can quickly connect with the potential buyers of your products and services. For that, you first need to understand your targeted audience. It will help you find just the right influencer for your specific long/short term needs.


Many people and businesses start their research by scanning the accounts of the influencers with thousands of followers but that’s not the right way of doing the things. You first need to work on the demographics of the targeted audiences.


Go for a detailed research

Be as detailed and specific as possible to avoid making any expensive mistakes. For instance, if your target audiences are local start-ups and small businesses that you want to make aware about the real benefits of digital marketing then Neil Patel or Rand Fishkin is not the right influencers for your purpose. It is less likely that they can connect easily with such international personalities or understand their concepts well. To meet your purpose you need a local influencer in the SEO niche who has good connectivity with your targeted audience and whom your potential clients can easily trust.


Follow your influencers wisely

The influencers don’t like the mindless following. So make sure that you don’t just start re-tweeting their tweets or liking all the posts that appear on their timeline without checking the date, purpose or matter. It would rather annoy them and you might even get some message or comment that questions your intelligence. It is certainly not something that you would like.

So, instead of a volume of action concentrate on the value. Think deeply before outreaching and plan a strategic approach. Overselling will thin your chances of being taken seriously by the influencers.

Check their latest posts, do decent topic research and come up with some valuable, unbiased comment. Once you have posted the comment allow some gap before initiating any other activity.


Track diverse activities

You would need continuous efforts to make a valuable connection with the desired influencer. Wisely track diverse outreaching endeavours and filter out the ones that are not producing any outcomes. What you need is a lean and agile strategy instead of an inflated tragedy with least outcomes.


Along with taking out the unnecessary flab out of our strategy it will also help you better manage your time by utilizing it in the most rewarding activities/strategies rather than following the ones that don’t provide tangible outcomes? Utilize this to concentrate your efforts on specific strategies with high return potential.


Concentrate on the “language” of influencers

Every marketer has a specific communication strategy when contacting with their targeted audience. Make sure that there isn’t a huge fundamental gap between your preferred communication style and the language used by your influencer.

Are you looking for a sharp, to the point communication with your corporate clients or do you need a light, down to earth approach to connect with middle-aged salaried professionals? If you target youth then you may need to project your brand with more edgy and trendy content? Go through the blogs and posts by your targeted influencer to ensure that their writing style aligns with your preferences.


Look for the audience engagement

Many people just concentrate on the technical parameters like Domain Authority (DA) or the number of followers, but it is also important to check the engagement of the audience.

How many people share the blog posts of your desired influencer? How many of them comment on them? Concentrate on the type of comment too. If you find too many negative comments, then it would be good to reconsider the things wisely. Also, check how often the influencer respond to the comments as it shows the loyalty of influencers with the content they post.



To sell your services or product online, you need to enjoy a good rapport with your targeted audiences. Influencers can help you a great way of connecting with your targeted audiences and delivering your brand message to them in a convincing manner to increase the chances positive response. With these wise strategy and right execution you can maximize your returns and build a distinct digital reputation for your brand.

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