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Dedicated Server Hosting has become the most important factor which is one of the most adaptable and versatile hosting administrations that offer high customization capacities. Utilizing Dedicated hosting, you will become capable of dealing with the high volume of traffic without any speed and execution constraints. For this reason, some high-traffic and dynamic sites use Dedicated hosting. In this article, we'll dig more into the advantages of a dedicated server for high-traffic sites. Above all, we should have a fast recap of Dedicated Hosting.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a type of website hosting where you will have multiple websites that share the resources of a single dedicated server. Each of the websites on a Dedicated Server is isolated from the various other websites that have their own resources that are made of server virtualization which is called a hypervisor. For instance, while you purchase a dedicated hosting plan with additional storage, these resources are specifically dedicated to your website which cannot be used by another website on the server. 

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting for Dynamic, High-Traffic Websites 

Here we are exploring the number of benefits of using dedicated server hosting for your high-traffic, dynamic business websites. 


Consistency of one of the essential factors which incorporates a successful website. Most often, high-resolution websites may crash for a specific course of action or hang for a prolonged duration. If you are a fresh starter, you are likely to have to lose your precious customers if your website takes time to upload when they are accessing the website. Moreover, Search engines actively push websites that have a low uptime. It means you will lose reliability that hurt your customers and SEO as well. Therefore, one of the greatest advantages of the best dedicated server is that it isolates your website from one another. It means that the operations of one website don’t affect another website on the server. It also eliminates the possibility of being hacked by internet hackers. With a dedicated server india, these things rarely occur. Consequently, a dedicated server significantly eliminates the chances of a website crash by increasing its uptime. 


An average load time of a website always pushes it into a steady fall. Normally, a load time of 2 seconds is considered an average these days. Consequently, a website's load time affects its SEO too. There are infinitive studies that have shown how customers simply refuse to use a slow website. It means that website speed is important for its virtual visibility in SEO. With the best Dedicated server hosting, your website gets a great speed which highlights its performance in its SEO. This will make you choose the right dedicated server hosting plan. It is very easy to enlarge your resources by using a cheap dedicated server plan that will not difficult for you to reduce the additional quantity of resources that you don’t need. It will also offer you the most predictable performance once you buy dedicated server for your website. The resources are not divided from other websites. 


Shared hosting may be cheaper than dedicated hosting, but it doesn’t offer you the dedicated resources to isolate your website from another. Moreover, shared hosting is most often the best hosting that is suited to simple websites with no high traffic. A cheap Dedicated server hosting will suit your business this time in terms of high performance. The high traffic websites would always prefer dedicated hosting. However, it will be quite expensive for your budget but most websites cannot afford the dedicated server hosting always to run on an isolated dedicated setup. To solve this problem, you can choose a cheap dedicated hosting plan with specific features and an affordable price. Further, it will also offer your website dedicated hosting features like performance, control, security, and most important isolation on a very small scale. So, just make it possible through a popular dedicated server to run your high-traffic websites. 

Root Access 

This word root is referred to a specific username which is common in almost all dedicated server hosting. With a dedicated server, you will be assigned a root user to be a system administrator to access all its essential files, settings, and folders. With this root user name, you are free to install any program, you can make some modifications according to your preferences, you can delete any item, you can change the security configuration, you can manage all your ports and you can do much more. It simply means that you will get your own username and password. 

Why Dedicated Servers are Important for High Traffic Websites?

A dedicated server is always important for a dynamic, high-traffic website. We are explaining the reasons for the dedicated server’s popularity in the hosting environment. 

It Provides Third-Party Security Applications

When the traffic to your business website upsurges, cyber-attacks more likely can convincingly cripple your website for a long time. Only the solution is installing a third-party software security program that can be a better option for protecting your websites from cyber-attackers. 
Without any root access, you are most probably unable to contact your specific hosting provider. You will need to wait for their approval to install these essential applications. 

It Provides a Significant Port Management 

There is only one specific reason for the ever-increasing rise in cybercrimes which are now highlighted by many attacks. One of the most important reasons for your website’s efficiency is that number of websites owners never focus to change these faults configurations of their high-traffic business websites. Here, to deal with these problems, ports are one of the significant ways to gain new entries into your assigned network. With root access to dedicated servers, you can shut all unused ports. Furthermore, you can also modify the defaults programs or port numbers to add a layer of security.  

It Provides JavaScript Delivery Optimization 

While a web browser accesses your website, the server sends the information to that browser. This information is being sent over a file which is called a JavaScript file. The web browser reads this JavaScript file and after that, it loads your website, which increases the load time of your website. In a dedicated server, you will be assigned root access through which you can change the settings to load the website first and then reads the file in the background. It makes your website much faster. 


Dedicated hosting is the most powerful hosting solution which offers you much control, scalability, and flexibility to suit your needs for a dynamic, high-resolution website. Besides these features, dedicated hosting gives you the guarantee of fast speed, maximum uptime, and seamless performance even in huge traffic spikes. 

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