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The ever-increasing popularity of internet has encouraged many businesses to make a strong online presence. However, there are still a number of challenges faced by SMEs when it comes to the practical implementation of digital marketing strategy. Lack of budget is not the only hindrance but there are other obstacles too- like lack of manpower and know-how. Everdata Technologies, a leading DataCenter of Asia is organizing webncloudexpo event on 15th September 2017- the first of its kind in the city of Jaipur- with several valuable sessions on cloud, technology and digital marketing.

Piyush Agarwal the digital evangelist at EverData and Om Thoke - Leading Blogger will elaborate on the use of digital media in the context of SME sector of India and how to tackle the bottlenecks. We managed to steal some information from them on the topic they will be discussing about. Here’s what they revealed to us regarding the challenges faced by Indian SMEs during their digital strategies and the effective low cost solutions:

Challenge#1: Lack of Time

According to Piyush, a simple way is to “steal the time” during the working hours. “There are many empty moments during the working hours. The employees can utilize those moments to publish social posts, sending emails to prospects or using social media for business benefits. Creating to do lists and dividing tasks among your employees with clear instructions also helps.”

“There is another solution too. With my own experience, I can say that by adding just 5-10 minutes to your closing hours you can realize considerable benefits. If your company has 20 employees and each one devotes only 5 minutes every day for digital marketing strategy it totals up to 55 hours per month! Keep the employees motivated by rewarding them for their extra time. It doesn’t always have to be in monetary terms. Some of my clients offered recognized their employees by adding 2 days to their monthly leaves. That’s not a bad bargain.”

Want More?

He will be talking about some time tested automated tools to monitor digital footprint in the event. But more importantly, he will emphasize on the right use of these tools as he says “even the best tools fail if you don’t know how to benefit from the data it provides by using proper methodology”. Would you like to know more about the right use of automated tools in digital marketing strategy? Register Now to attend the event, get practical tips to benefit your business and clear your doubts in Q&A session.

Challenge#2: Ideally evaluating the results

Om Thoke offers a pro-advice “Don’t be excited if you get the reports about increased unique visitors, impressions and CTRs. This is the mistake most of the SMEs make. Think like an entrepreneur and look at the broader impact. Are you getting an increased number of online queries? Do you notice a positive change in your online sales? Do you notice any positive change in queries for slow moving products? These are some important questions and no amount of vanity metrics would have any real value if you don’t have positive answers to these questions.”

He also gives a pro-tip for budget conscious clients “You should also allocate definite time frames that can help you to keep the things streamlined and determine the RoI. For a better control over the budget and strategy, you can use the results of different phases as a parameter to release the payments. Most of the SEO agencies won’t agree on this though!”- He quips!

Want More?

He will be speaking elaborately about the ideal strategies for SEM, SEO Email Marketing, and SMM during the event with some revealing information along with case studies. Register now to attend and learn if you are really getting the benefits out of your Digital Marketing Strategies.

Challenge#3: Lack of streamlined process

“Many people confuse numerous steps with “streamlining”. You have to follow the opposite lane!! KISS is the ideal strategy to employ (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Though I will happily replace the last word with “Smarty” lest the readers may take an offense.” Piyush says with a smile.

Om stresses on the need of a yardstick to evaluate different phases of the digital marketing strategy. He says “Begin with a value proposition. Do you want to increase your revenue or make your prospects aware about the newly launched product? You may also want to use the digital marketing strategy to sell the slow moving items. Be clear about that before you start your digital marketing activities.” He also reveals 3 Golden rules to follow while making the strategy.

The 3 Golden Rules

  • Map out the right platforms where your prospective customers are most likely to be found
  • Ensure that content type aligns well with the platform you are using
  • Prefer depth over width, i.e., build a strong presence on 3-4 top platforms. “Some of my clients are actually getting some exciting business (not just leads) by managing their facebook profiles under my guidance.” He says.

Want to know more

Om and Piyush will be revealing further on what are the exact strategies that they suggested their clients to enhance their business by using social media in the right way. Would you also like to get the real business out of your social media strategy? You can attend the event and get some valuable advice from Om & Piyush. There are limited seats. So, register now!

Speakers Profile:

Om Thoke:

A cyber entrepreneur, who owns many online businesses, popular technology blogs like Geex.in, programming related websites, and loves to write latest auto reviews, SEO tutorials, and help the bloggers.


Piyush Agarwal:

A strategic thinking, analytical abilities, and client-first approach have made him an asset in the digital marketing arena. He holds a vast experience in measuring RoI of crucial digital marketing activities like lead generation and content marketing.

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