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Dedicated hosting, as the name suggests, offers you dedicated resources for your online requirements- the server, bandwidth, speed, performance and uptime. These things result in maintaining consistency and stability thus taking the user experience to the next level.

Though dedicated server cost is much higher than the regular server packages, it is worth each single penny you pay. There are a number of dedicated server benefits for the website owners. However, it closely depends upon the type of server you choose and it relevance to your business objectives or website requirements. Here are a few different types of dedicated servers that will help you to find your ideal dedicated server hosting:

Java Dedicated Server

If your business employs the web applications that are developed in the infrastructure of JSP, Perl, PHP and Servlets then Java dedicated server hosting is the best option for you as that can be a quick, purpose-specific solution for your business.
Dedicated server configuration for Java hosting is especially designed to offer the require database resources and speed need by Java applications.

Linux Dedicated Server

If you have built your website using Linux architecture and are facing the traffic bottlenecks or finding it difficult to maintain the performed of the site then you can go for the Linux dedicated hosting.

Linux Dedicated Server is specially chiselled to meet the specific demands of Linux applications and offering the optimum performance on Linux servers,

By using the specific dedicated server Linux applications can optimally be employed for enjoying the best benefits.

SSD Dedicated Server

If you don’t want to grapple with server management issues and need a quick installation and compiling then SSD is the best option for you as it is specifically designed to facilitate quick server management.

However before making up your mind on purchasing the SSD hosting you need to understand that due to their higher technical configuration and specific dedicated server architecture the SSD hosting comes at considerably higher prices and the cost of SSD hosting equals the cost of multiple HHD hosting packages in terms of resources and ecosystem you get.

If you want to access your stored data immediately increase your I/O speed and reduce the loading time for your website then SSD hosting can be an ideal solution for you.

Windows Dedicated Server

If you need sophisticated dedicated server features for hosting a website supporting your business applications then you can go for the windows dedicated server hosting. It combines a number of qualities to offer you the best experience while hosting your business applications online.

Dedicated server hosting for windows comes with many distinguished qualities like security, reduced, resilience and performance that add to the robust character is the IT infrastructure that it provides.

GPU Dedicated Server

If you are running an online gaming or media interactive website then GPU hosting is almost a must for you. Additionally, if your website architecture has an extensive use of engineering or is based on analytics/deep learning, then your CPU will have to bear an overload and overexert itself to carry the burden. Understandably, it will have a cascading effect on the vital aspects of your website like speed, performance, and uptime. GPU can be the perfect, purpose-specific solution during such instances.

A GPU is strategically architected to tackle a tremendous number of threads simultaneously that increase the speed manifold when compared to CPU. GPU further boosts its fast speed by using caching memory to enhance the bandwidth.

The gaming or media intensive websites can render the consistent image quality and seamless visual experience without harming the speed during movements or animations

While CPU needs to wait for RAM availability before processing a thread the GPU will rather switch to another thread ready for the process. This “work in tandem” process would slash the latency to the minimum.

Due to their design and functionality GPU also help a great deal in complex tasks like big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc.

By employing GPU in their dedicated server bitcoin and Cryptocurrency technologies are able to perform some complex, resource intensive and time consuming tasks/applications more efficiently and in fraction of the normal time.

In-House dedicated server

Having In-House dedicated server allows you to enjoy uncompromised control over the managing the hosting environment of your server in various aspects right from setup to configuration and management.

It also allows you to have an unaltered ownership of your entire data associated with your business and clientele.

You need to use your own space, in-house technical team and disaster management techniques fully planned, managed and executed solely by the owner (that is you). Hence, you will solely be responsible for managing, your in-house dedicated server)

Dedicated Server for Gaming

The servers used for hosting a gaming site are called gaming servers. Especially the sites that allow interactive gaming between multiple players in the real time need dedicated server for maintaining the fast speed and high performance that are essential prerequisite for gaining business. MMO or massive multiplayer online game is one such type of game that specifically demands dedicated servers.

Using the normal servers for hosting interactive games would require customizing the environment and tone down many things in order to bear the load of the game. It affects the playing experience and alters the entertainment quotient of players- a key point for online gaming sites. For example by using dedicated server terraria, minecraft and many others games are able to offer an enhance user experience.

A gaming server is equipped with the sophisticated hardware configuration, high capabilities, and extensive resources that are required for running a game lithely without any hiccups, slow down or connectivity issues.  

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