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As a start-up, you can choose to buy a shared hosting plan and save a good amount. However, when the business starts growing you need to upgrade the hosting plan. Many start-ups continue to keep on using the shared hosting plan but it could be dangerous for your business. In this article, we will present some strong reasons to upgrade the hosting plan and buy a VPS hosting package for your business


Shared hosting can affect your sales…when it matters the most

You spend a good amount of resources planning the seasonal and weekend sales to attract more traffic and get higher revenue. Limited resources or incompetent hosting plan can slow down your site and cause downtime thus annoying your visitors. So you need to increase hosting resources

  • Instead of waiting for your slow-moving site to be loaded, the visitors will simply click the cross button and hop on to other options
  • Along with losing the sales, you would also stand the risk of negative online reputations
  • The negative reviews on social sites can discourage even potential shoppers thus costing you future potential too
  • It may also increase the negative SEO indicators like hitting back button, closing your site within 3-4 seconds, negative Google reviews, etc.

You lose the revenue, sales opportunities, and clients, and earn a bad reputation. That’s not what you'd like, right? When you upgrade to VPS hosting plan you get the best speed and availability at reasonable costs


You don’t want a perfect “failure strategy”

The prime reason for online shopping is to escape the queue and delays. So, your slow-moving site completely defeats the shopper’s objectives and gives them no good reason to buy from your digital store. It sounds like a perfect failure strategy, doesn’t it? Most of the people access the net via mobile and they are even much more demanding when it comes to speed and performance. So, your slow loading site can cost you a massive section of mobile shoppers.


VPS hosting means dedicated availability and premium experience

In the shared hosting, the resources are divided among many clients and it is the prime reason for the fluctuations especially during the peak traffic. Lack of sufficient resources affects speed and availability.

  • VPS hosting on the other side offers you the dedicated resources that are available to you 24X7.
  • Round the clock availability of dedicated resources helps in supporting the traffic spikes without affecting speed or availability
  • Additionally, the clients would also enjoy more control over the resources and it allows them to tailor the resources for meeting specific resources

Invest a little more to gain tangible rewards out of your endeavors

More traffic means more rewards but it also brings more responsibilities. Along with the number of visitors the frequency of visits, stay duration and number of activities will also increase. Ensure that your hosting plan has sufficient resources and features to comfortably support the traffic

  • You cannot expect to deliver the premium experience to your clients with uncertain resource availability of the shared hosting plan
  • You have already invested good resources for building a reputation and bringing more traffic to your site
  • Wouldn’t it be wiser to add a little more amount and upgrade your hosting plan to VPS that can keep your traffic happy and loyal?

It will go a long way in increasing conversion opportunities.


Enjoy tailor-made experience

Personalizing your hosting environment is almost impossible when we talk about shared hosting plans. A uniform, specific hosting environment is configured on all the shared hosting servers and you are not able to customize it. It can create performance issues especially during the instances of specific technical demands.


Get extended control

Lack of control over the hosting environment affects your capabilities and site performance. VPS, on the other hand, allows you to gain better control over your site b offering you administrator level features.  You can change the OS and the same parts of the applications to cater to the requirements.

Enjoy high-level security

The shared hosting plan follows the standards security feature regardless of whether they cater to your specific situations or not. It may make your site prone to many security risks.

  • The VPS hosting plan,on the other hand,offers you complete privacy ad much-advanced security
  • You can have extended control over the security features like Antivirus or firewall configurations, choosing monitoring or air system and
  • As a VPS server client, you can even enjoy DDoS protection.



Shared hosting plan is the best option for any start-up but it isn’t the right choice for e growing business. There are a number of reasons why you choose immediately upgrade your plan and buy virtual private server as soon as you start serving growth in your business. In this article, we have mentioned some key reasons that make it absolutely important to upgrade your plan when before it is too late.

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