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During the last decade, the number of Start-ups and SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) has actively started gearing up their digital presence with the help of more robust and sophisticated websites. As a result, they need more robust and dynamic web hosting plans. That is why the popularity of VPS hosting has seen a great rise. Due to the availability of economical VPS hosting plans, small businesses are no longer forced to stick to shared hosting plans for an extended period of time. As more and more start-ups and SMEs now prefer to buy VPS hosting plan, web hosting companies have also added many innovative features to extend the advantages of VPS. One of the latest and most innovative VPS package designed by the hosting provider is SSD VPS Cloud. Now, that is the ultimate power in the hands of businesses as this hosting package comes with the triple power of VPS hosting, SSD (Solid State Drive) and Cloud. Let us see what are the major business benefits you can expect when you buy SSD VPS Cloud? The first thing is to understand the definition of VPS, Cloud and SSD in a simplified manner with the minimum use of technical jargons.

What is VPS (Virtual Private Server) and what are its advantages?
VPS or Virtual Private Server is a single hardware server on which multiple websites are hosted. The physical server is divided into a number of ‘virtual servers” that can compare to the exclusive virtual ecosystem and each “ecosystem” is exclusively meant for the client who has paid for the VPS plan. In simple words, when you purchase VPS server plan, you get a virtual ecosystem where you have exclusive control over the allocated amount of your digital resources (Hard Disk, RAM, etc.) and you can enjoy complete privacy and extended security against the “bad neighbor effect”.
What is Cloud and what are its business benefits?
When we say Cloud in the context of IT, we refer to the ecosystem that allows easy and remote access to computer, software applications and information technology platforms via an expanded network connection. You can access resources through data centers with the help of WAN (Wide Area Networking) or via Internet Connections. The best advantage of using the Cloud is that you don’t have to depend upon any physical infrastructure or hardware for accessing your vital resources. In simple words, the third parties provide you the entire physical ecosystem and management facilities for accessing resources and services. You can access your data anywhere, utilize and manage the web hosting resources for supporting your website and can access the vital data from anywhere and any device. As many machines are used in cloud ecosystem, you can easily scale up the resources and in case of any technical issue, the entire site hosting can instantly be transferred to another machine that significantly reduces the possibility of downtime.
Definition and Advantages of SSD
SSD (Solid State Drive) is a specific ultramodern drive that uses integrated circuits to strategically organize semiconductor memory as a disk drive. The NAND flash memory is used to store data on SSD and thus it eliminates the need of the spinning mechanism that allows it to instantly fetch the data and boosts the loading speed of your site.
What are the advantages of VPS SSD Cloud?
Now we assume that you are quite comfortable with the terms VPS, Cloud, and SSD. Lets us now discuss the benefits of VPS SSD Cloud:
Exclusive control and scalable performance
The VPS Cloud Hosting further enhances the overall benefits and capacities of VPS hosting by allowing you to expand the dedicated resources as per the changing needs. Thus you get the best of both the worlds - exclusive control over your resources and scaling the resources to meet your changing demands.
VPS SSD Cloud is essentially useful for people who strongly depend upon their website for revenue (like E-commerce sites). The revenue earning a potential of such sites is closely impacted by traffic volume. The higher number of visitors (High Traffic) enhances income-earning opportunities. However, you also need to have the scalable resource for supporting the traffic load and prevent downtimes. VPS offers you dedicated resources while the Cloud offers scalability. Furthermore, the use of SSD boosts up the speed and further enhances the user experience.
Relieves you from Tug of war
Cloud VPS perfectly matches the capabilities of a dedicated server. These Clouds are equipped with a number of exclusive resources like RAM, CPU and Memory etc. thus relieving you from the “tug of war” among various clients utilizing Cloud services. It ensures the consistent website performance and helps you in delivering positive user experience.
Better budget management and higher RoI
Another major advantage of VPS Cloud is that it allows you to enjoy a better control over your expenditure. You are able to choose the precise amount of resources and the vendor will allocate that much amount to you. More importantly, you can even decide the time for which you need the extra resources. Suppose you are expecting a huge traffic during the late evening hours of 24th December (from 8 PM -4 AM) on your e-commerce site because of Christmas sale then you can order extra disk space for your e-commerce site during that time period (24th December, 8PM-4AM) only. So, you need to pay only for those digital resources that you have used during the desired time period. The automated allocation makes the things even easier and offers instant delivery.
Allows you to make your site feature-rich without affecting performance
One of the major limitations encountered by the start-ups and small businesses who are dependant upon their online store for the revenue opportunities is that they may not be able to add more features or dynamic media files to their website just because of limited VPS resources that are inadequate to support quick loading of heavy sites and can cause downtimes, especially during fluctuations. Adding more resources requires increasing the price tag. However, with the help of Cloud VPS, you can easily increase the permissible Ram size or enhance the performance of your CPU with the surety that no downtime will happen. It also eliminates the need for site migration and thus makes things easier. The use of SSD can quickly fetch the high volume of data (media files, etc.) there is no spinning mechanism involved.
Can be accessed round the clock, round the world
One of the prime benefits of VPS Cloud hosting is anytime accessibility. You are not limited by any specific time or location to access your vital data. So, no matter where you are or what time it is, you can easily access the mission-critical data of your website instantly on any internet-enabled device. It helps you to remain connected to your site data and have the extended manipulation and control over the same, “round the clock around the world!”
No need to own or maintain the infrastructure
One of the limitations faced by the client is to maintain the hardware that not only requires a good amount of time, it also diverts the attention and in many cases, it might need to spend extra dollars on the same. However, when you purchase SSD Cloud VPS server plans the hosting is automatically routed to another node when one node fails. Thus you save the time, efforts and attention to focus on your core business requirements.
Quick data fetching
When someone opens your webpage, the traditional HDD starts “action”. Its electromechanically movable parts spin in order to find the data and render it. This spinning takes some time and delays the site loading process. Now add all the milliseconds HDD’s spinning technology spends to locate the different data elements and you will know that it can really slow down your site. On the other hand, the SSD or Solid State Drive doesn’t have any mechanical moving parts as it works on flash-based memory thus eliminating the slow motioned and repetitive “spin-and-locate” mechanism of HDD. Hence, having SSD VPS can dramatically boost up the speed of your site.
Better Durability
HDD works on the spinning mechanism and thus a specific amount of heat is generated each time it moves. It negatively affects the durability. Another major advantage of SSD hosting is that due its spin-free mechanism it does not generate any heat and thus SSDs enjoy higher lifespan when compared to their predecessor.
Facilitates Data Encryption Process
Data encryption is one of the most important parts of web hosting cycle. Here too the SSD clearly outshines HDD. Not only do they consume less power and eliminate the need for fragmentations but the sophisticated process of SSD driven by microchip technology also ensures that each of the entire data is secured.


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