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As more and more cyber attacks are becoming more common, the security has become the major concern of the people when they start their online venture and build a website. A huge number of attacks generally target the server because it contains the most important data that can have a great effect on the backend site processes as well as the business itself. In order to keep your server free of such attacks the very first thing you have to do is to understand know the risks that can threaten the security of your server. Here are some of the scanning tools that you can use for checking the health of your server, get detailed reports and take immediate actions to remain safe and sound:


ScanMyServer is a great tool that will offer you the detailed report of your server security in a precise language and scans across a number of aspects like Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Source Disclosure, PHP Code Injection, Blind SQL Injection, HTTP Header Injection and much more. You will receive the detailed vulnerability report via email.


If you are looking for an ideal security scanner to check a number of security issues then you may find an ideal choice in the form of SUCURI. It also exposes a number of website malware. Apart from scanning you can also clean the website and protect it from the future threats. The cherry on the cake is its ability to work across a number of platforms like Joomla, Drupal, Phppp, and Magento among other popular platforms. Some of the vulnerabilities that you can check on Sucuri include Website blacklisting, Malware, Defacements and Injected SPAM.

Qualys SSL Labs, Qualys FreeScan

If you have opted for an SSL web server and looking for a capable scanning instrument for scanning it then you can g for Qualys SSL Labs. The secure website (https) is high in terms of security but you may still need some security test sometimes. You can reasonably rely on the capability of Qualys SSL Labs. It offers a detailed study of the different relevant aspects and presents the entire data in a comprehensible format. Here are a few things that you can expect from QualysSS Labs todo for you. It can scan Cipher, overall rating, Expiry day, SSL/TLS version, Handshake simulation, and BEAST and Protocol details.


Quttera is one of the reliable purpose-built websites that deeply checks the loopholes in your website’s security as well as the harm done by malware. After a multifaceted scanning of your site it offers you a number of insights including suspicious files, malicious files, Safe Browsing (Google, Yandex), phishTank, potentially suspicious files and Malware domain list.


SIteuarding is another tool that allows you to deeply scan your domain and gets useful insights. It can offer you the accurate details about website blacklisting, malware, defacement and injected spam. The tool can work equally well across a number of platforms like Magento, ecommerce, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and Bulletin. 

Hacker Combat - Website Malware Scanner

Hacker Combat provides a cloud-based Free Website Malware Scanner for scanning your websites and generating scan reports. This free tool would help you check website for malicious code or do free website security check.

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