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As more and more businesses now prefer to go digital, it has become very important to have your own website that delivers the best user experience. For that, you need to buy a web hosting plan that perfectly caters to your specific website needs without inflating your budget. Any mistake made during the selection of the web hosting provider or plan can be very costly for your business and negatively impacts your reputation and rewards. So, here are major points to keep in mind before you buy hosting packages.

Type and needs of website

Type of site plays an important role. You cannot buy the same hosting for different site creation needs. For instance, if you are creating a simple HTML site then you can buy a shared hosting plan and save a good amount of money and technical hassles. However, if you want to create a feature rich WordPress Site then you need to buy WordPress Hosting Plan with sufficient resources and capacity to cater to the specific needs of WordPress hosting.

  • The number of sites that you want to create is also important. If you intend to multiply the number of sites in the near future then it would be better to buy web hosting plans that support multiple site creation from a single account that saves dollars and hassles.
  • Traffic grows over a period of time but it is best to have a specific plan for handling future traffic. If you expect a good traffic increase in the near future then consider the plans with easy and hassle-free scalability and upgrading options.
  • Also vet the reputation and efficiency of the web host by checking the reviews as upgrading to advanced plan is a crucial process and needs expert management skills.
  • Not all coding language come with special requirements but a few languages like PHP can have specific needs and you need to find the hosting provider who can meet those needs comfortably.

Additional digital products 

When you buy hosting plan, it is not only about the domain name and hosting package. As the journey continues and business grows you may need to buy an SSL certificate, email hosting, and various other digital products associated with your website
  • It is wise to choose a hosting provider that can provide such extra resources at affordable price tags
  • Better still if you are sure that you will definitely be using such or similar features in the future then you can also check for package offers where you can buy bundled packages (domain+hosting+other business packages) at an affordable price tag.

Budget matters

Budgeting plays a crucial role while selecting a best hosting plan. You may compare different hosting plans and come up with some excellent options only to find that they are much more expensive then what you can afford. It wastes your time. So it is best to check your monthly budget and select from the list of hosting packages that you can easily afford.

Reliability and uptime

The reliability and uptime are 2 major features of a thing plan that can make or break a user experience. Downtimes can cost opportunities to digital businesses and you build or run the site for gaining opportunities not losing them, right?
  • Practically it is not possible for any hosting company to offer 100% uptime guarantee but many companies are so sure of their hosing quality and reliability that they offer above 98% of uptime guarantee. Go ahead with such companies only.
  • It would be better if their guarantee is backed by money back provisions as it offers an extra layer of reliability.

Speed issues

Fast servers are the key requirements for getting a fast site speed. So it is highly advisable to ensure that your hosting provider offers the fast servers to provide blazing fast speed to your site.Many people, especially beginners have the notion that a few seconds of delay should not be a big cause for worry but that notion is misplaced. In fact, if you expand your outlook and think futuristically you would notice that a few seconds in the digital world are highly precious.
  • The click and act mentality has made the people impatient and they can’t afford even a single second delay.
  • Even the stats show the increasing value of seconds, for instance, you risk dissatisfying 16% users if your site registers a 1-second delay and if the delay exceeds 3 seconds then you may lose as many as 40% of website visitors!
  • So make sure that your hosting provider should offer the best speed and reliable performance. There should also be specific provisions to handle fluctuations and preventing them from affecting the sit and performance
  • Open the site of the hosting provider and see how fast it loads. Then check the websites of other clients (that you can easily find in the reviews or on their social media page) to have a wholesome view of the average site speed offered by that hosting services.
  • Before taking the final decision it is also recommendable to check the reviews regarding site speed and performance.


Having a website is very important but it is even more important that it should deliver the best user experience as you cannot expect to generate good revenue from your site if your visitors are not happy. So we have discussed various tips to choose the best web hosting provider that can offer you the best services at affordable prices. In our 2 series blog, we have presented multiple basic and advanced tips that will help you find a hosting partner who is fully capable of catering to your present and future website needs.


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