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There are a number of hosting resellers vying to attract the clients. So, one of the major challenges of new resellers is how to maximize the benefits and enjoy a distinct market reputation. In fact for that purpose they need to think out of the box and offer the premium services that will help them to improve the customer relations and acquire regular clientele. Here are a few tips for hosting resellers to offer the premium services to their clients and enjoy an elevated position:


The quality of your service is completely based on the reliability of your web host. So, it is very important to invest a good amount of time to select the right web host to partner with. Hasty steps can be detrimental to your business. Check the reputation of the web host very well and evaluate multiple factors like experience they posses, review they are getting and the spectrum of services they are providing. Fair pricing, sufficient resources and dependable uptime are the paramount prerequisites for any web host to offer you the solid support.

Apart from the infrastructure and operation the after sales support also matter a lot. Look for the web host that has an in-house team of support experts with adequate technical knowledge.

Many web hosts tend to outsource the support services to the third party and most of the times such support services fail to offer the satisfactory services. So ensure that that the web hosts should have an in-house support staff with streamlined issue resolution methodology.


The web hosting requirements fluctuate with the increasing size of the business. While a small start-up would be happy with your shared hosting plans they would require the VPS hosting when the business starts growing in size. Eventually, if they further venture to expand globally or have to compete with the MNCs they may require dedicated servers too.

You should ensure that while upgrading to the next level they should not face any issues. Scalability and well-managed upgrading are 2 other things to consider in order offering the premium experience to the clients. You actually need to have the streamlined and well defined methodology to facilitate scalability and upgrading to the next level for your clients.

In order to look relevant and current, you need to deploy the latest technologies that can allow you to offer instant scalability. You can enjoy a cutting edge over your competitors while offering a sophisticated experience to your clients.

Premium Support

The quality of services is one of the most important things to keep in mind in order to offer the finest experience to your customer. While your web host is responsible for offering support services, you should ensure that they are doing their job efficiently.

What you need to remember is that you are the one who sold the hosting plans to your clients and will be the one to bear the heat in case of any issues. So it is a good thing to take the complete ownership of any issues that are faced but e clients and evaluate the speed and efficiency at which the issues are being resolved.

In fact you should go a mile further and take the feedback of the clients regarding the support they have received and whether they are satisfied with the same.


Free personalized services

In order to offer the premium experience to your end customers you can propose free technical services. In fact while everyone fairly knowledgeable about the basic things of internet, there are many key aspects of a website building that seems quite complicated to a laymen.

So, if you know how to install a wordpress blog or how to manage a database, then you can offer these services either free or that the negligible price to your end clients. Such services can go a long way in winning the customer’s favour. 

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