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At one point of time, the computer gaming was enjoyed either on an individual basis or played between 2-3 players. However, the gaming journey has come a long way and today these games can be enjoyed by multiple users across the globe simultaneously. Understandably that requires specific infrastructure and huge amounts of resources capable to work decently even during most demanding situations. The hosting type matters a lot here. You need a managed dedicated server in order to offer the best services for your users. Here are a few benefits of using the managed dedicated servers for your online gamin business:


Speed is the key essential factor for enjoying any game to the maximum. Whether the players are chasing each other, want to launch an attack or conclude a search before the time runs out- a little lag can “spell the doom”- to use a popular gaming phrase! The location of the server plays a great role here. If the server is located in another country, then the request time will also increase due to long distance. It will delay the normal speed or results in hiccups. Noticeably, delay can be increased considerably during high traffic instances- that are inevitable for a gaming site that allows thousands of gamers to play at the same time. It can alter the entire gaming experience in an unpleasant way and can most possibly alienate the gamers. So, having local servers should be one of the major priorities for any gaming company in order to retain the maximum loyalty of their major audience.

Reliable Resources

The more the merrier- this phrase is especially true in the case of online games. Massively multiplayer online game (MMOG or MMO) allow a very huge number of players to play simultaneously. The number can range from hundreds to even thousands. As the name itself suggests the MMORPGs requires massive resources to ensure whizzing speed even during high-traffic instances. Dedicated servers are the precise choice here as they offer robust architecture coupled with exceptionally high bandwidth to decently handle massive traffic. The dedicated availability of ample RAM is another asset that can offer a seamless, smooth speed for the gamers.

Advantage for Gamers

Apart from gaming businesses, the dedicated servers are also preferred by the serious gamers who don’t have the dedicated server near their geographical location but still want to enjoy the best gamin experience. Here are 2 major benefits of managed dedicated servers for gamers:

Prime Experience

Many serious gamers also prefer to buy their own dedicated servers in order to enjoy the optimal experience. Such gamers have a specific network of prime players who excel in the game. When playing with expert gamers, sharp speed plays the decisive role and these gamers won’t mind spending a good amount over dedicated servers in order to enjoy the game at its best. In one instance a group of gamers in South Africa purchased their own local servers to enjoy their favorite game Black Ops 3 without any hiccups or lag. Eventually the gaming company also realized the importance of local server and set up a dedicated server in that region.

Dependable infrastructure and Anti-cheating option

Having a dedicated server has many benefits. A huge number of global users can alter the speed and also result in the unwanted interruptions. Dedicated server is a perfect solution to this issue. Due to their prime architecture, tremendous processing capability and acutely intensive applications they can track humongous amount of data confidently. It can also help you to configure VAC Value anti cheat in order to catch the cheaters. Sure, they don’t come at affordable prices, but then you can divide the total expenses among your group that will reduce the per user cost. The exclusivity it offers you will promise you the prime experience.

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