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Companies nowadays are investigating various hosting options in order to boost their performance and optimize business operations. Dedicated server is one of the options that businesses are bound to consider.


Why are companies choosing a dedicated server? In short, a dedicated server is just that, it’s dedicated. Which means that all resources (CPU’s, RAM and hard drives) are dedicated to the individual client that has complete control over the system. The server can be customized to meet any specific needs that businesses have and can be rebooted when needed.

24/7 Support

Dedicated servers come with 24/7 support, 365 days a year. Additionally, if a part fails for instance (memory, hard drive, CPU, network card or power supply) it is immediately replaced as part of the service. All the maintenance, as well as patches and upgrades are generally handled by the expert data center staff. This way companies save time and money, empowering them to run a lean IT department and focus on running their business.

Guaranteed Uptime

Another important point in considering a dedicated server is the up time of data centers. Datacenters have redundant power, internet connectivity and generators, all of which insure up time of 99.98%. Uptime is extremely important, especially for e-commerce or hosting businesses that rely on it. There are multitude of reasons why any facility could experience a power loss, however, a dedicated server in a data center should be up at all times. Although some outages are necessary and planned, those are kept to bare minimum so companies can be sure that their business is up and running.

Greater control and Flexibility

One of the largest advantages connected with dedicated hosting is that it permits for greater control over the server and hosting. With servers that are shared between some businesses, the host cannot permit any of them to use certain features. However with dedicated server, companies have greater access, which provides them with full control over the server and gives businesses the flexibility it requires.

Improved security

A higher level of security provided by dedicated hosting is regarded as the greatest advantage when compared with other types of web hosting like VPS or shared hosting. Dedicated resources create much safer environment than in shared hosting options. Combined with regular updates and security patches, dedicated server provides powerful protection for your online files and website.


Scalability is yet another advantage of a dedicated server; as business grows it is simple to add servers, no need to worry about the available space in company’s facility or increasing internal IT staff in order to provide it with adequate support. With a dedicated server, data center experts handle all the maintenance and upgrade that is needed.

All of these advantages make a dedicated server the ideal choice for small and medium sized businesses. There are numerous plans available for companies, from SME’s to enterprises. Once it is clear that company requires a dedicated server, next step is selecting the correct plan.

Reliable hosting providers, such as Everdata offer extensive dedicated server options and are able to help businesses choose the dedicated server that best suits their needs.


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