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While the shared hosting can easily manage the initial phase of your website and VPS hosting suffices to offer you the higher flexibility and space, there comes a point in your business when you demand the maximum security and 100% privacy for your website. That’s when the dedicated server comes into the picture.

When Should I get a Dedicated Server?

One of the important questions is when to get a dedicated server? Here are 3 things that can trigger you to look for dedicated servers:

  • Increase in Page Loading Time
  • Error messages being received during database requests
  • Overburdened server unable to serve pages

You don’t have to jump to buying the dedicated server at the first instance of a slowdown in performance. Analyze the technical obstacles first or engage a technical professional if you don’t have the required expertise or time. It may be an issue of CGI coding or PHP bugs interfering with your site performance. If it is established that there isn’t any technical reason behind slowdown of your site, then most possibly it’s the time you should upgrade to the dedicated server.

Tip: In order to see if your site is experiencing any of the above issues browse your site during peak hours to get the first-hand experience of your site’s performance. For a more detailed and accurate scenario, you can monitor your error logs, store them and study the pattern to check the frequency, type and specific traits of error messages. It will give you a clear picture of the precise problems your visitors are facing while browsing your site.

Why use a dedicated server?

Not only is dedicated server faster than shared server they also maximize the security as you don’t have to share the common server with unknown websites- a few of which might be run by malicious elements to spy on other sites and hack them. You own a singular server that exclusively belongs to you.

Dedicated hosting is the best fit for you if you run a large website with lots of traffic or a premium media-rich website. Additionally, if you own a website with utmost security requirements- like a banking website, a large e-commerce site or web sites containing secret, critical documents- then too, you should seriously start thinking about dedicated servers. That explains why dedicated server hosting preferred by Fortune 500 companies and Government websites.

Additional features

Unlike shared web hosting, you don’t have to experience restrictions as far as dedicated server architecture is concerned. There are a number of additional features that you may purchase by adding some premium over basic dedicated server cost at an extra price- greater bandwidth, increased traffic, and more customization facilities are some of such premium/additional features that can be purchased to design a tailor-made hosting environment for your website.

Dedicated Server Management

There are 2 options available for you for the management of dedicated server. If you are technically sound you can manage your hosting environment independently. In that case, an unmanaged dedicated server is ideal for you.
For non-technical clients, there are a number of managed dedicated packages available where you will get all the technical support you need at reasonable fees.

Differences Between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

There are a number of differences between dedicated server and shared server. On a shared server, you share your resources- space, bandwidth, etc. Besides, your data is not secured as it is always at the risk of being compromised or misused by the other websites on the same server. If you share your server with any malicious website there are high chances that it can sneak and steal your website data or vital credentials. Hence any site that is not following best security practices also jeopardizes the security of your website too.

As the name suggests this dedicated hosting package offers you a completely dedicated set of resources- space, bandwidth, security etc. Besides getting dedicated resources, you can also control your hosting environment more efficiently as per your specific needs.

Things to Remember Before you Buy Dedicated Server:

Carefully read the dedicated server reviews that are published regularly on hosting review websites. It will give you a good knowledge of dedicated server features, types, prices and various reputed dedicated server providers to choose from.

Ensure that you should select the specific dedicated server plans suitable for your business.

There are a number of payment options for dedicated server yearly, monthly or quarterly. Choose the one that can comfortably fit into your budget. A few reputed companies might also offer dedicated server free trial. 

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