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There is no doubt, cloud technology is the future and with good reason. As web is getting increasingly competitive, companies are moving their business operations online. Customers are expecting to access web applications without any breakdown of service. Therefore to survive in this highly competitive web world, businesses need to keep their websites and applications running with at least 99.9% uptime. Anything less than that causes user dissatisfaction and ultimately profit loss.

One way of making sure that your website is kept in running state is to host it on a dedicated server. But these can be rather costly. This is where the Cloud steps in, capable to meet all the requirements of businesses, regardless of their size and type of business.


Modern businesses, regardless of their size are finding cloud services, such as cloud server hosting or virtual private server essential to their daily operations. Although these are part of a larger physical server, each one has its own operating system and server resources.  With no resource shared, as is the case with shared hosting, they behave like dedicated servers, but for significantly less costs.

Reasons To Start Looking For Your Cloud Service Provider Today

In case you are still not convinced that you should move your business to the cloud, here is the short list of cloud benefits that might change your mind.

Greater Security

Despite news headlines, that question the security of the Cloud, you should be aware that providers have to comply with high security standards (ISO) in order to offer the services from their portfolio. These standards guarantee the level of security that, on their own, very few businesses can achieve. Since industry is growing at a rapid pace, as well as customer demands, the security measures are increasing progressively.

Maintenance & Updates

IT is one of the most difficult and skill-intensive part of a business. Businesses would rather be focused on their daily operations then fiddling with hardware, software & migration issues, user access and permissions and so on. According to Gartner, maintenance costs represent about 15 to 25% of total enterprise IT costs each year and IT procurement professionals are constantly being challenged to reduce and control these operational expenses. With the Cloud environment, a provider manages the data center and handles all the updates, which leaves you free to do what you do best.

Flexibility & Agility

Expanding your operations with cloud services is as easy as making a couple of clicks; you can simply scale up or modify your plan to accommodate the new requirements. Agility is imperative in modern business. Cloud services are not just cost effective; they empower you to be more responsive to the needs of your customers and clients. According to recent Harvard Business School (HBS) Report, cloud adoptees claim that “the Cloud has enabled them to be more responsive to changes in the market, helped them get to market faster with new products & services and shortened the time for new business launches”.

DR & Business Continuity

The Cloud provides you with the peace of mind that in the event of major damage to your office, your data is safe since it is not hosted at your physical location but in provider’s secure data center. Cloud simplifies disaster recovery plans. With cloud DR in case you do face unfortunate massive data loss, they can be restored with minimal downtime and minimal profit loss.

Access Anytime & From Anywhere

With cloud services you can access your apps and your data regardless of where you are, globally. This increases your productivity and efficiency. Businesses that have adopted the cloud said that “the ability to access data and cloud resources anytime/anywhere has provided their organization with competitive advantage by helping to facilitate collaboration and communication among team members around the world as well as with trading partners”.

Other benefits of cloud deployments include

  • the simplification of internal operations

  • better delivery of internal resources

  • new ways for employees to work, connect and collaborate

  • faster rollout of new business initiatives to exploit new opportunities

  • improved ability to acquire, share, analyze and act on data


Reliable cloud service providers, such as EverData, offer a variety of plans and packages at very affordable rates. So take your time and investigate your options and you will find that cloud services will increase your productivity and revolutionize business operations overall.


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