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While both Linux and Windows offer a good amount of user-friendly features the things might be a bit knotty while deciding the idea OS for your web hosting plan. In fact, both the OS have pros as well cons and you should be very careful while choosing the right operating system for your web hosting plan. In one of our previous posts, we have already discussed the various differences between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. Taking the things forward, in this post we will present the pros and cons of both the OS and also suggesting you the ideal OS aligning with your specific needs.


Pros of Linux


  • The greatest  benefit of Linux is that it is an open sources software and you will  be entitled to enjoy a wide array of benefits that come from the liberal attitude of OS including active community support, fewer costs (as no license fees or expensive software are included) and more control over the features. 
  • Versatile adaptability is one of the prime advantages offered by Linux Hosting. This open source application comes with all the dynamic features that allow it to adjust to different settings and varying usage needs and thus offers uniform performance irrespective of the changing environments.
  • Besides, been an open source Linux has been continuously evolving by adding more dynamic features, security patches, user-friendly capabilities and other technical specifications that help it to align best with the latest requirements in terms of performance delivery.
  • Unlike Windows, Linux does not come with specific license requirements that save your hosting provider from incurring on license fees. It helps in keeping the costs low.     

Cons of Linux

  • One of the major cons of Linux is that it requires you to go through a learning phase. In fact, the power of Linux lies in its dynamic extended controls and to make use of extended capabilities you need to go through a learning journey that would require some attention and     time investment.     
Is Linux the best choice for you?

So Linux can be the best choice for you if:

  • You are a budget-conscious client
  • Your task involves system administration and development activities
  • You are technically sound
  • You don’t enquire extended controls that can be difficult for non-technical clients
  • You would not mind investing some time and attention going through the required learning curve

Windows Hosting

Due to its global reputation, Windows is highly used across different countries and is actively employed by various industries as their trusted IT application. Windows can also be used for the server in the form of Windows Server. Though Linux enjoys a wider acceptability when it comes to the server OS, of late the windows has made some significant and relevant developments that have considerably elevated its appeal.


Pros of Windows Hosting


  • Due to its friendly features and configuration windows is comparatively much easier when compared to Linux.
  • .NET is a trusted and widely used framework for developing dynamic web applications. If you also work on this powerful framework then you     should seriously consider using it in the window-based environment to enjoy the maximum capabilities and optimum performance.
Cons of Windows    
  • Though it would not be fair to say that windows are an unreliable platform, it clearly lags behind its closest contender when it comes to the stability.     
Is Window hosting the best option for you?

Windows can be an ideal choice for you if

  •  You a looking for an easy to use platform that doesn’t require a long learning curve
  • If you wish to develop web applications on.NET framework
  • If you are looking for a good performing OS but don’t care about a wide array of customization choices (or rather consider them as an unnecessary headache)     


How should I make the best choice?


  • If your work includes some complicated and in-depth functions related to the system like development or administration then you need the OS that offers you maximum flexibility and extended controls with a reasonable learning curve. Here Linux can be the best choice for you because of the scalability, ease of use and extended controls it promises.    
  • If your business requires you to use windows applications on your website then you have to go with windows hosting plan as being a proprietary software windows applications should be supported only by windows hosting for enjoying the optimum performance.
Linux VS. Windows: Final Verdict

Whether you are planning to buy shared hosting packages, enjoy elevated security and more privacy with VPS or go for full-fledged premium features with the managed dedicated server, you need to keep in mind the pros and cons of both the OS. Just ensure that the OS you are using should align with your specific requirements

Though Linux certainly offers you cost benefits and better-controlling capabilities, it would not be fair to say that Windows is a weak contender, especially keeping in mind the various changes it has introduced in the recent years to emerge as a more user-friendly platform. However weighing on the scales, Linux seems to have more weight than Windows.


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