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Why 24 Out of 25 Healthcare Firms are Using Cloud

It is no mystery that healthcare industries lag behind most other industries in adopting new technologies. They must modernize their IT infrastructures and massively overhaul their paper-based workflows etc. It’s no wonder that healthcare organizations are often slow to move.

Enter cloud computing. A panacea?

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Public Vs Private Vs Hybrid Cloud – What is best for your Business

These days cloud computing is growing like no other technology. Every business whether it's small, mid-sized or big, wants to use this cutting edge technology for its company.

As cloud technology Becomes extremely favorite among these organizations, but the question arises: Which cloud model to consider for your business? There are three types of cloud models available in the market: Public, Private, and Hybrid.

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Is Cloud Hosting Beneficial For Small Business?

Just like information technologies have transformed the business, so cloud computing endeavors to change the means corporations do business.

Cloud computing considers by many IT authorities as the tool ruling the next generation, being able to give affordable, faster, portable and trustworthy operations for all sets of companies, whether they are large, medium or small.

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Questions CIO should ask before moving thier operations to Cloud

Cloud Computing is a red-hot topic these days. It is inciting massive concern from CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs who are inquiring about this new paradigm shift and desire to understand how it will affect their business.

This great concern has brought ahead two grounds. The cloud computing televangelist who excite its advantages and fear mongering traditionalists whose business models are now at stake.

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What is SaaS and its Benefits for your Business?

Software as a Service (SaaS) has been around for a while, but many people are still searching for answers to questions about the technology.

What is it, exactly? What�s all the hype about? Is it right for my business?

This article addresses these questions and helps you make sense of this increasingly popular way of using the software in the workplace.


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