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Some really helpful tips to find an ideal hosting provider

Once you have designed your website the next thing is to find a suitable web hosting services. Choosing the right hosting provider is very important if you want to enjoy a smooth online experience and make a strong identity for your website. As more and more businesses are entering the online arena, the competition is at all time high. Besides, Google keeps on introducing a number of guidelines to ensure the best user experience.

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How to safeguard your site against domain blackmailing?

Just like your brick and mortar business, your reputation is intensely influenced by your website and domain name if you are in the online business. Your website represents your reputation. Unfortunately there are some malicious elements out there that know that and plan to take undue advantage of that. They indulge in a very harmful practice known as domain blackmailing.

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Scope of internet and cloud based solutions in education sector and growth of skill of students by internet and cloud

The Internet in general is one of the greatest innovations of the mankind as it has helped in widening connectivity and allowing people to work collaboratively despite the geographical and cultural differences. Another major innovation is cloud-based solutions that have further added to the functionality of internet like storage and data manipulation. It has helped a healthy growth in many sectors. One such sector is education.

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.Shiksha: An educational gTLD with a Heritage value

In a bid to offer more choices to the website owners, ICANN introduced new gTLD program that widens the choices for the people and at the same time allow them to use more specific and relevant domain names. the website owner has a better way to strengthen his online identity in a more emphasized manner. It has also affected the online audience preferences. Due to their very specific character, new gTLDs are often a subject of discussion in the domain industry.

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What is Cloud Technology and How does it Work ?

What is the meaning of cloud? Where is the cloud? Are we even living in a cloud? These are the dilemma we often come across. The phrase “cloud computing” is everywhere.

Ironically, there is nothing as a physical thing that you can see and consider it as the cloud. Instead, it’s an electronic structure which stores data from many different sources and serves us through a network connection, prominently the Internet


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